Ardennes horse

Photos, description Ardennes breed horses, breeding characteristics

Photos, description Ardennes breed horses, breeding characteristics

Representatives Ardennes breed of horses are quite ancient. Own the external characteristics of the breed has inherited from prehistoric flattering animals, such as body size, weight data, as well as particularly like. During the reign of Julius Caesar was already known about how this kind of useful work on different levels, horses prized and bred. Around the 50s BC, when Julius Caesar came to power in the territories of Gaul, the powerful and very hardy breeds have been created in areas of present-day Belgium. Such horses are the original founders of the Ardennes animals of our times.

Four mares were purchased When imperatorstve Nero, who served only the emperor. As far as we know, the government of the emperor was spread in the Ardennes, and the pupils themselves directly play a significant role in the removal of the breed, which is often used for military operations. The name certainly can be attributed to the Ardennes, where the four main mares are. For quite many years, to the Ardennes representatives added the blood of Arab pupils, making them more durable. So, Napoleon in his day, already used updated horses for transporting military instruments. Then, unfortunately, pets started to breed only with economic objectives, so the importance of the quality of their sports had absolutely no meaning. Agricultural industry almost completely replaced other qualities possessed by the horse data, because their interest was only in the endurance and quality of care that was needed on the breed.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the Ardennes Horse. So animals belong to harness the representatives of moderate severity, they are holders of a great character. The body of the massive horses, with a pronounced relief. The head of the larger medium-sized, slightly elongated cervical department and bent, chest deep and convex. Well-developed region of the croup. Limbs are not long, the powerful and much leg muscle development.

Also provided are other livestock species, which belong to the light line. This type was launched in the first half of the 19th century. Horses differ in speed, so not every owner pays their own preferences according to the animal. But, if we compare the two categories Ardennes Horse endurance qualities, then there are no differences. Two pets lines are well adapted to the hard work, all perform well.

Externally visible colors suit for pets, it’s mostly chalye shades, different palette of gray and bay. During the entire existence, pets accustomed to people and at the moment they are described as the true representatives of the senior horses. Horses calm temperament they respond well to training and also endurance qualities, they are also characterized as being hard-working.

Used representatives Ardennes Horse differently. Due to the fact that they are very domesticated and accustomed to the rural-farming works, animals popular in transportation trees. Many loggers pleasure horses used in places where it can not drive the tractor. Total livestock manifests itself as a very strong and resistant animals.

Representatives of this species are the owners of the massive and heavy body. However, despite such factors, they move easily. They move constantly energetic, moving animals with a proud posture. They gallop quite sweeping. Looking at the Ardennes Horse, immediately it becomes clear that fop, that pets are highly honored and unusual animals, so they breed, and has survived to our times, and also enjoys a high level of popularity.

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