Icelandic ponies

Photos, description breeds Icelandic ponies, breeding characteristics and content

Photos, description breeds Icelandic ponies, breeding characteristics and content

In the first half of the 10th century (about 941 years), to the territory of Iceland, the Icelandic representatives were imported breed of pony. Initially, it was noted that the Icelandic breed ponies in the distant past had relatives horses fiordskogo direction.

Consider some of the exterior characteristics of Icelandic ponies. Pet inherent: large, broad head part; the remaining parts of the body have not very attractive appearance, it is often unusually skinny body and tangled wool cover. The average altitude indicators suggest that the growth of pets waver in the ranges from 115 to 120 cm. The colors of the coat can be quite varied, but the main colors of the coat of gray shades or bright orange color schemes that look dull. Despite the disadvantages of external exterior, the results of weighing to surpass breed is virtually impossible, because the weight of adult figures of Icelandic representatives becomes approximately 100-200 kg, so it is unlikely there will be a pony, which could be compared with a similar weight. Especially important are such characteristics in the transportation process, because the pony can not only safely walk on the extreme type areas, but move pretty heavy stuff.

It is similar descriptions are excellent populations of Scotland, so every year from Akureyri exported several ships that are fully packed with representatives of Icelandic varieties. Once the pets arrive in Scotland, lots of owners to quickly acquire a pony farm. The main requirements of the animals are performed by various heavy processes, cute pets frequently rest of their lives in the constant dark coal mines, such a factor does not quite match the original removal of the breed. The minimum percentage of all purchased by Icelandic representatives get to the other owners, where they spend a good time in constant communication. Take, for example, Lord Cecil, who could start a real art of riding after the acquisition of animals. There is one plant, which name – Orchendmense, at its base Icelandic ponies are bred to later distribute them to the British market, which is responsible for the children’s riding.

In recent years, many ponies presented species found in Germany, where inhabited by many horse lovers. It is known that there is a single Icelandic kid give from 300 to 400 euros, it would seem, the price is not so high, but given the failure factors in propulsion systems and nobility, the cost should be much less. Representatives who have achieved high honors, often fall to near Gornafiorda that is close to the eastern part of Ikaptafelbisselya, where they were happy to breed and improve.

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