Hutsul pony

Photos, description Hutsul pony breed (Hutsul), characteristic for the domestic breeding

Photos, description Hutsul pony breed (Hutsul), characteristic for the domestic breeding

The area in which the Hutsul pony was launched, much becomes clear immediately after reading the title of the breed – it Carpathians. And really, where else can dwell hutsuly? These ponies are among the most ancient rocks throughout Europe. There were some assumptions that Hutsul ponies descended from the Tarpan old enough variety, both breeds a match is found in the head region and myshastoy part. Also, some researchers have stuck out their own assumptions about what Hutsul beings in the past have family ties not only with the tarpan, but also with the Mongolian horse, which is connected by reproductive crossing.

In the second half of the 19th century (around 1956), the representatives of Hucul ponies became engaged breeders who have worked on the basis of one of the Romanian plants by name Rdui. As is known, breeding pets was intended only for the further development of the breed population, ie over huzul not held absolutely no experience, but simply adhered to the original scheme of the genetic type. Unfortunately, this process did not last long, even in the time of World War II, the number of livestock presented species has decreased significantly. After hostilities ceased, a group of amateur breeders decided again to resume the lost pony. This was the reason for creating Hutsul Club, approximately in 1972. After intensive group work was not only extended and improved, and work with the Hutsul breed. Already in 1982, the club of fans of the breed Hucul pony stud book was established.

Pony of this breed are characterized by the respective qualities as various mountain species. Pets are hardy enough, also have a high ability to survive in the most extreme conditions for this. Of course, like many other ponies, they are quite persistent, and not so easy to manage. Initially, representatives of the Hutsul varieties used for transportation of various goods, this fact indicates that the animals have a good and confident step, because he process of walking on mountain rocks hard, let alone carrying heavy things. In addition, kids are used to children, their harness to harness and children can safely engage in horse riding. If the owners of Hucul ponies live in the villages, especially the mountain, then there is always the work of pupils. In any Christian household ponies are considered universal assistants. The fact that Hutsul permanently lived in areas with sufficiently severe environmental conditions, made a pet is very strong in terms of the immune system, they are resistant to various diseases. In addition to good health, animals also have powerful legs with very hard hooves, which means that there is no need for forging. In practice pony show himself as intelligent and sociable animals. They have a calm temperament, easy to go on contact, not only with the environment, as well as with small children, who simply adore them and learn quite quickly and easily perform a lot of heavy teams. Representatives of the Hutsul breed of strong, sustainable and from birth they are inherent in the high quality of the jump.

Consider some of the exterior characteristics of the species represented. So, have a pony: a medium-sized warhead; small ears; eyes are constantly running, which indicates their playfulness; The neck is strong and relief; back fairly small, below her withers feeble (it is often planted slightly above); shoulder region is flat, this makes it possible to move a step higher; the chest is deep and large; strong legs, often reminiscent of the supply of cows. Outwardly, you may notice slight elevation data – 120-130 cm. Colour dull or conversely, bright bay, bright orange or various shades of gray.

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