Connemara horse breed

Photos, description horses pony breed Connemara characteristic

Photos, description horses pony breed Connemara characteristic

Miniature ponies Connemara breed were originally seen on Irish territory. This area is decorated with a rocky and fetal mountain valleys, beautiful beaches of stones, shimmering in the moonlight, which constantly affect the tides, the silence and the storm of the Atlantic. In places where there are no mountains, placed great desert heath and bog. Under the description of the ideal represented by the western areas of Ireland, known as Connemara, which is why the breed has such a title. All the characteristics and quality of local varieties kids quenched over a plurality of centuries, especially such extreme habitat conditions that have developed in animals greater endurance, strength, vigor and agility, good opportunity to jump in and complete control over the body. Introduced species belongs to the oldest pupils, their origin has been observed for more than two millennia ago. It is 2500 years have passed since the time when the Celtic warriors brought the ponies on the island of Ireland. Then the use of pets was the fact that the animals were harnessed to the war chariots or carts and so using them moved close to the shores of rivers and valleys have learned and their new territory. By the end of the history of all the facts of the origin of the breed is unknown, but in spite of this, the species is considered to be the only Irish national line of miniature horses. Mythological stories mention of the tribes that lived in the west of Ireland, who loved to ride. There is a legend about the shipwreck, which occurred near the coast of Connemara (about 1565). It was a ship of the Spanish Armada, which transported horses, after the collapse of the animals were able to reach the shore and are aligned with local species that lived in the rocky mountains. Horses eventually learned to live in a new way, under extreme conditions, where the diet was composed of a minimum of vegetation, and for the very existence had to constantly fight, because every wrong move – death.

In the first half of the 18th century to breed ponies provided added in a small amount of blood of other horses: Thoroughbred and Arab lines. Two millennia breed suffered from unlimited and irregular crossings, only closer to the 20 th century, to further save species as a whole, were formed society pets developers, whose members have created special systems. The main aim was to try all sorts of ways to bring variety to the original form and qualities, and it is possible, only having lodged pony again in areas with extreme conditions and harsh climate. Then, on the chances of survival were only the most powerful, after which they gained greater endurance. Hard life in the area is not only a pony, but of course the people. Farmers desperately hard, but almost to no avail. To keep families buy a pony possibility was not, but often pets caught in the mountains and trying to tame. Most often they caught mares, so that they can bring the kids (led Connemara mother-offspring once a year), and later sold a small pony, and the money went for food in a long and cold winter. Mares easily dragged plows, carriages, since pets are very hardy, work they are from early morning until dark night, in spite of the unbearable living conditions. Local farmers used laden with baskets ( “CRIL” there they are called), by which the Connemara transported heavy loads. The list, which could carry a pony long enough: tons of stones, after cleansing the land plots; seaweed, which was due to the yield on poor land, as they are used as fertilizer; peat, which is extracted from the marshes, and used for heating or as a food ingredient. To move to the territories to a swamp, where virtually drowned used other representatives horse, pony of this breed stubbornly marched, in doing so, they help to powerful limbs. When loss of quality endurance and strength, the owners replaced the Statement of animals, searching for the best, and these were released because they could not provide food.

Men’s representatives Connemara offering the best quality of endurance, one day able to cover a distance of several miles. Also chores, miniature horses also took part in local races, where they could compete with the major Irish Gunter or thoroughbred horses. In the second half of the 20th century, purebred pets excretion was again under threat, because they began to include in the stables, where natural selection does not pass and the breed could not fully open and develop. Membership Society Connemara lovers have decided to choose some of the copies and send them back to the extreme habitat where life and reproduction occurred in a half-wild state. This livestock survived and began to possess the qualities of the greater endurance, and most importantly – retained the pure blood. To be completely confident in the safety of the breed and the possibility of its further breeding, breeders in the first half of the 20th century (about 1923), in the town of Clifden, the developers have created a society Connemara ponies. After a hundred years of natural selection stage, the application of human effort and another 78 years rigorous artificial selection, we can get acquainted with the modern representatives of this species.

Even today, to meet pupils as possible in all parts of the world, however, as well as the Irish themselves. The advent of miniature horses makes a good impression everywhere they loved so much that he even created a society varieties, today their organization is in 17 countries: Great Britain, USA, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Canada , Austria, Africa, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Finland, Switzerland. The very fact of their rapid adaptation and acclimatization in the harsh conditions of life make them the best assistants for the owners, as well as excellent sports pets.

The first impression of Connemara is often directly related to the mountains or moors. In the world know that their true origin comes from the west of Ireland, County Galway – Connemara. To reward them for a variety of extraordinary quality, they poured the blood of Arab and Spanish horses. With regard to the well-known Irish Gunter, a major influence on their removal was provided kannemarskimi.

Let us consider in more detail the characteristics of exterior varieties. The design of the body is compact and convex, medium size. The wrist is long enough, a massive, direct, and in girth reaches 6-10 inches. Pet characterized by neat lines, extending from the head to the elegant, refined neck. Tail and mane pretty lush. The whole body harmoniously combined. The chest is deep and solid. At the head of the posted large, expressive eyes. The average representatives of Connemara has a growth from 130 cm to 160 cm, that is, they can easily be called one of the most stalwart pony lines. Finally mature, they can be considered the age of five (often older). The average life span – 30 years, but animals, even in old age have remarkable performance.

The breed is popular because of the fact that the ponies are unpretentious to the content and nutritious diet, because accustomed to the hard life. In comparison, I breed ponies Connemara possess more massive forms, but they are often compared to the older horses in standard sizes. Of course, against the usual horses, representatives of this species are small, but still popular as an excellent hunting assistants, easily compete on equal terms with jumping horses, participate in distance runs and dressage. Initial representatives had Bulanov colorings the coat, but nowadays this color is very rare. More common suit: gray with iridescent dun, bay, brown, red, palomino, chalye and raven-colored. Standard to pets on wool spots are white, but dappled representatives actually do not exist in nature. Perennial living in difficult conditions helped pupils to develop all the necessary reflexes, a great tendency to jump, as well as the ability to fully control their own body that is approved for travel. Despite its size, pets are often superior to the massive horses, showing stamina and a strong distinctive character. Ponies are jumping, hunting, can achieve good results in the runs, driving or Western competitions, the list goes on for a long time, and most importantly, pets become best friends and loyal assistants for the owners. Animals have unusual tastes, incomprehensible to many horses, they like uncomfortable and not suitable for living areas, especially western Ireland. All the best external quality are collected in a single copy, and the characteristic obedience, peaceful, calm temperament and versatility of the kids can not touch people’s hearts.

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