Dulmen breed horses

Photos, description breed horses Dulmen, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed horses Dulmen, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

One of the oldest breeds of horses Germany Dulmen adventures of a breed. Miniature ponies kept all their external characteristics and traits that have had their wild ancestors in the distant past. In the first half of the 14th century (around 1316), a person by the name of Johann de Lette, and together with him and Arminius de Meerfeld, formalize the right for hunting trips, fishing and the possibility of breeding of wild ponies. It was then created the first documentary mention of Dulmen pets. Mention of the appearance of a pony at all, it becomes clear that they appeared long before the creation of rights in their breeding, because in the middle of the 14th century, has been precisely aware of their existence in these areas.

About the beginning of their origin can also keep track of in the chronicles that were written in a time of Caesar. His chroniclers still 55 BC in all colors tried to describe the mini-horses. Earlier, the German territories (especially the western regions), there were various bases on which the reserves. These were the special area designed for living and development of wild ponies. Unfortunately, with the development of the country, many of the reserves of a similar type have disappeared, along with it reduced the number of the wild kids. Toward the middle of the 19th century (1835-1855 years) representatives of miniature horses had the opportunity to meet only in the town Merfelder Brach.

The absolute disappearance of the pony was not possible and it is necessary to thank the Duke von Croy, because his government treated area Merfelder Brach. This place was a common career with the minimum conditions for living, for the most part were swamps near the town of Dülmen. In the second half of the 19th century, the Duke von Croy decided to move the animals to another area, it was fenced territory in the amount of thirty hectares, it was the same Merfelder Brach, so he gave the order to catch all of the remaining pupils, there were at that time about 20. Thus it was created the same reserve, where ponies Mogi easy to grow and multiply, and, over time, livestock actually increased. Already today the territory of the reserve increased to 375 hectares, and the number of kids that live there, ranging from 240 to 350 individuals.

Zoological studies have shown that, in fact, a kind of Dulmen pony is not the wild on their own kind. The fact is that for some centuries since the ancient rock enough, all kinds of experiments conducted on them, including reproductive crossbreeding or tested for their selection methods. Such steps have had a great impact on the species. Pony tried to improve for a variety of purposes: military, agricultural or farming. The main species that gave Dulmen other features: conic, Hutsul and eksmurskie miniature horse (male representatives of this line was used for cast-fresh blood).

If we exclude all times when at the reserve are made studies of breeding areas, most of the ponies owned all their own and are totally free life. This also applies to aspects of reproduction or disease with which pupils are required to manage as they see fit. On the territory of the reserve there are many different versions and power conditions, but, in spite of the rich pastures, forest areas, wastelands, or career, diet Dulmen very poor. Even in the coldest times of the year, feed the animals at the minimum level, and as fodder use hay or straw. Quiet and familiar idyll for ponies broken only once a year, often occurs in the fourth or fifth month, on Saturday last spring, when people start festivals and celebrations. In the eyes of everyone performed stage capture pets and later sell them at an auction at the reserve. Mainly suitable for sale yearling stallions.

Appearance Dulmen representatives of the breed is not too unusual, but even their unpretentious exterior looks compelling. Let us consider in more detail exterior characteristics of miniature horses. Pet inherent: nicely arranged limbs; hooves strong and tough; cereals massive; well developed shoulder region; The neck is slightly extended; head area is medium in size and absolutely typical of standard pony. Externally, the population can be divided by suit. There are yellow dun, dun-colored gray wool covers, less common pets with light brown color, that such colors wool had dyulmenerov ancient ancestors. It can also be seen in the majority of the representatives of color belts in the spinal area or the sides of the strip, which is often found in standard horses. Of uncommon features are considered to be white, almost invisible specks. The average height at the withers waver from 130 cm to 145 cm.

Long-term observations of the representatives of Dulmen species have shown that pets have a high level of endurance, their life span is much longer than in other breeds, and their peculiarity is that to a great age, they can easily demonstrate the quality of their own reproduction. Using ponies in household chores is also widespread. Miniature horses are ideal for family content. Dulmen pets can help in the household and in harness and under saddle. Even in today’s world, the use of ponies has become much broader, so much success and popularity of the breed has made in Vaulting and hippotherapy. In addition, the kids have the ability to Driving, thanks to the good qualities of stability, they can travel various distances.

Like many horse differences of standard varieties, Dulmen breed development is slow, so the breeding of pets, you can forget about three years old in dressage or work under saddle in four. Practice has shown that the untimely actions could lead to further violations of the skeleton and stop the inevitable development in general.

For many centuries, livestock represented the breed remained in the shadows, and it was plenty of time before when they paid attention, and the first impression of a pony is not produced, and their discovery was regarded only for research, ie they were planning to cross other items for the new generations . Their main use is to create new German lines that could have good aptitude for riding.

He was treated designers and fans who were engaged in horse breeding. The following month, club membership, together with Mr Wedekind Ottgerom doctor (Dr. Ottger Wedekind), which at that time belonged to the former scientist higher specialization in breeding research Hessian community of developers miniature horses (Verband der der Ponyzuechter e.V. Hessen) We developed a certain statute the conditions for registration of the club membership, as well as limitations in breeding developments. After a certain period of Mr. Dr. Friedrich Mararens (Dr. Friedrish Marahrens), who was charged by the German equestrian sports association (die Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinіgung) to adjust previous rules, made some adjustments that are considered to be valid and in our time.

Combining existing in the second half of the 20th century (dіe Interessengemeinschaft des Duelmener Wildpferdes e.V.) No age-old and the creation of the most authentic German varieties Dulmen ponies, a representative of which might be available for everyone to buy them. Full approval of the charter developed, it was confirmed at the end of the 90s of the 20th century. The third part of the official statute states that the main association plans are in a wide breeding and the development of mini-horses, as well as intensive training for a variety of equestrian sport species.

Members associations are trying to develop various ways to preserve the breed and to pets as a cultural pride of Germany. To do this, put certain limits, most importantly, in any case not to carry out research and not to cross animals with other lines of horse, because you will lose over time, the quality of the original pony. In addition, the improved quality of endurance, fertility and the continuation of life-span. Go save development suits that were originally characteristic of the ancestral species Dulmen.

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