Cape Fox, breed description

Photos, description South African breed foxes, characteristic features of life

Photos, description South African breed foxes, characteristic features of life

Cape Fox, which is Latin sounds like «Vulpes chama», are common animals in the southern parts of Africa.

Consider the exterior characteristics represented breed foxes. The colors of the coat varies constantly, that depends on the area in which pupils live. For foxes characterized by different shades ranging from black and ending with gray color, and constantly shimmer silver stripes. Also for coat color bright yellowish shades are standard in the lateral regions and in the abdomen. End tail is always black saturated color. The average pet has a weight of 3 kg to 6 kg, body length in this case is about 45 cm to 65 cm, tail length waver around 25 cm – 45 cm, and the height of the withers among becomes about 25 cm to 35 cm.

The biggest areas of varieties available on the territories of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Angola. With these locations, you can create a standard placement area, suitable for the South African species, they are open savannah and semi-desert regions.

Presented breed foxes virtually no different from the usual areas as diet pets composed mainly of various fruits fruits and vegetables, as they are used as food mammal creatures, foxes are omnivorous instances, in fact, like many other inhabitants of the African continent . The opportunity to meet South African beauties in the night-time, when they are actively moving in the savannas, sometimes chanterelles go alone, but often in pairs, however, it depends on the exact location of their property and the surrounding danger.

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