Sandy Fox, breed description

Photos, description Sandy Fox, characteristic of the breed, especially life

Photos, description Sandy Fox, characteristic of the breed, especially life

Variety of sand foxes (Latin name sounds like «Vulpes rueppellii») relate to the direction of the mammalian species of foxes, of pedigree dogs. He said first feature of the breed is one of the well-known German zoologists – Edward Ryuppel (years of life: 1794-1884), therefore represented foxes line exists as a memory of the scientist.

Key areas where the opportunity to meet specimens sand fox, located in the desert regions of the Sahara, duration, starting from Morocco and Tunisia, and ending with Egypt and Somalia. Standard territories habitats are sandy or rocky desert area.

Let us consider in more detail exterior features that are inherent in the animal data. Medium in size and body structure, muscular physique and sufficiently tightened. The muzzle is short, with neat lines. On a small head placed massive wide ears. Wool cover pets thick, fluffy, with the inherent undercoat. Limbs of medium size, well covered with hair, on their feet at the bottom there myagonkie pads, which guarantee the protection that is required simply to animals, living in such extreme hot climates.

Foxes significantly overrepresented among other fox line, since the birth of their characteristically excellent vision, in addition to its own chanterelles great ear, so are able to smell its prey at great distances, as in pets are very sensitive sense of smell. Constantly dwelling in the wilderness, animals have adapted to the conditions of ruthless sand, so in addition, they have developed the ability to be a long time in the scorching sun, chanterelles are also capable of long passage of time not to drink water. Basically, in order to maintain a sufficient number of Vod in the body, the sand creatures are trying to extract the moisture from the food that they regularly consume, from which one can understand that a diet composed mainly of aquatic products.

Unfortunately, in recent years, on the territory of Israel, presented views of further approaching the brink of extinction, because they are constantly competing with instances breed brown fox. It is known that brown fox actively expanding its own range, regularly moving to settlements which build people farther into the desert hinterland. These processes are accompanied by the displacement of sand chanterelles, as they have to find their new home to brown fox could not get there, it is often more extreme terrain.

Due to the fact that the number of species represented is constantly decreasing, the Government of Israel had issued a law on the protection of animals in the Israeli reserve. Since the breed is closely guarded by the authorities, or any harm to hunt for chanterelles sand is punishable by law.

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