Bengal fox, breed description

Photos, description Bengal Fox, characteristic of the breed, especially life

Photos, description Bengal Fox, characteristic of the breed, especially life

The representatives of the breed Bengal Fox, which in Latin translates as «Vulpes bengalensis», refer to the direction of mammalian families of canine kind.

Let us consider in more detail exterior features of the variety. The average pet has a body length of 45 cm to 65 cm, the tail portion becomes about 25 cm – 35 cm. The average growth of the animals waver from 25 cm to 35 cm and weighs about 2 kg – 3.5 kg. Wool cover all parts of the rather short, somewhat smoothed. Colours are found mostly dull shades of orange and there are darker colors, such as red-brown. End of the tail region are often black.

The origin of the breed presented begins on the territories of the Indian subcontinent. Today, the opportunity to meet Bengal foxes in the foothills south of the Himalayas, in the regions of Nepal, Bangladesh and India, and their placement continues to the southern parts of the Indian subcontinent.

Judging by their large area of ​​accommodation, you can draw conclusions about the high percentage of their population, but it is erroneous preconceptions, as representatives of the areas of Bengal are quite low, and as large areas, then one copy crouches around 20-70 square kilometers. At various times, the animals behave in different ways, because it is very sensitive to any changes in their environment existence, especially when it comes to climate.

The main environment in addition, living area pets is half arid regions, they live on the margins, sparse forests and rocky mountains in their homes can be found at an altitude of about 1400 meters above sea level. Rarely burrows of foxes found near human houses or farms. We know exactly what Bengalis never settle in areas overgrown with dense forests or true deserts.

The main diet is made up of small mammals, various insects, arthropods, reptiles or birds’ eggs. It happens that the chanterelles are used as food fruits fruits or vegetables. The average lifespan in animals submitted reaches nearly ten years.

Pets are monogamous, they live in a hole pairs. Observations have shown that lifestyle at the twilight of chanterelles, or the night, and they are constantly in extreme areas where they are difficult to find, let alone to catch. If some groups live, knowing for sure that there are no settlements close to the people, they can go out and show its activity in the afternoon.

Proper animal burrows dug their own, they are two of types: simple shallow dwelling with required two outs (they are mainly used for brief periods living there, such as vacation), as well as complex cavernous holes where there are multiple inputs and outputs, in case unforeseen situations (lining for permanent residence).

The period of pregnancy in female representatives lasts from 45 to 55 days. After 2-3 months are born pretty young, which have an average weight of about 50-100 grams. How long does the process of lactation have pets – is unknown. Often the young generation, even growing up, still remain to live with their parents and are not looking for a new residence.

In areas of the Himalayan foothills, as well as in several other areas, provided the animals are objects of hunting sports direction. It is also used as pet fur, so their poison. In addition, Bengal foxes are of great use in medicine, because some parts of the trunk are used for construction of various studies (especially the use of their meat, teeth or claws).

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