African fox, description of the type

Photos, description pale fox. Features of life characteristics

Photos, description pale fox. Features of life characteristics

Representatives of the African breed foxes (which translates from Latin as a «vulpes pallida») relate to the direction of mammals foxes canids lines. This breed is quite mysterious, because of the animals known to only a few facts. Today fox form around five main subgroups.

Let us consider in more detail the characteristics of exterior African foxes. The design of the body of animals corresponds to many features of the exterior of red foxes, red foxes are superior only large body sizes, but they have a few short limbs and ears are not long. The average pet has a body length of 35 cm to 45 cm, tail length of 25 cm – 35 cm, height at the shoulders – 25 cm, and weighs waver from a half to three kilograms. The colors of the coat of the breed there are often bright red, brown, tail is colored brown shades, and in the end – black. The legs are painted in red palette, as well as the dorsal part. In the center of the dorsal region is dark colored stripe. External parts, such as ears inside out, puss and lower torso portions of all white. Features chanterelle is their abundant fluffy tail cover. Growing up, representatives from the African appearance of dark circles with a clear rim of the eye area.

Earlier in the article I mentioned that the presented species is poorly known and least known of her information. Some facts from their lives can only guess that makes zoologists. It is assumed that the animals live in small family groupings. Each group should consist of representatives of the adult male and female, as well as the younger generation. Nora, who dig the African livestock, can be about 15 meters long and about three meters deep, and the hole is wide enough. Such structures help animals to protect themselves from high temperatures during the day, but when night falls and the temperature drops, the foxes go hunting in search to find something edible.

Meet the animals presented an opportunity to the territories of dry sandy or rocky deserts, often African animals can get to the southern area of ​​Guinea savannah. Despite the fact that foxes are quite mysterious life, they do not notice the time near human dwellings, as the animals are in need of affordable food and a large amount of food that you can easily get close to human settlements.

As to which of the prepared food diet for pets, then surprisingly, their food over a large extent made up of berries, herbs and vegetables. Compared with other species, the African foxes are more herbivores than others. Often in search of, as old, pets can catch rodents, lizards yl what some invertebrates. Proceeding from the fact that foxes live in extremely hot climates, and their body in the first place requires a certain amount of moisture to maintain viability in the long hot period, so that they can safely reside on the sandy areas.

pregnancy interval in the females occurs about 7-8 weeks. For every female can give birth to 3-5 babies who have a newborn weighing from 50 g to 100 g of growth and development in the young is fast enough, so after one and a half or two months the animals are already starting to live independently.

Essential enemies among the animals in their habitats is not, at least, they are not known. Often introduced species can be obsessed people because of attacks poultry, in the search for the next booty.

To live in captivity copy of this breed foxes can close to three years, but zoologists insist that dwell longer period of time (5-6 years old) pets are on their own nature.

The main area of ​​the African species is in South Africa, close to the Sahara desert. The highest prevalence of use in Somalia, the Sudan, as well as Senegal.

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