Welsh ponies

Photos, description Welsh pony breed, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Welsh pony breed, characteristic for home breeding

Representatives of the Welsh breed ponies of all time began living vary both externally and internally. Absolutely everything changes were accompanied by certain factors, which include: climate conditions, the area where the pupils lived, education and care. On the basis of various data points, Welsh ponies are distinguished three areas: the original Welsh pony Welsh mountain pony and the Welsh pony cob facial features.

The oldest of all the areas of their horses, the breed is considered to be representatives of the Welsh mountain. It is known that pets lived in areas of Wales have a long passage of time before this kind of officials was seen. Such rock kids are the most smallest among the other left. Measure these animals can be just twelve medium sized palms. Other same direction as the original, or the type of cob, Welsh ponies have higher torsos than twelve palms.

To improve the Welsh mountain animals were used methods of reproductive crossing, in which representatives of the Welsh mountain areas and pony breeds were involved: Thoroughbred and Thoroughbred horse. This process was to improve the external shape and the intensity of playfulness. The final research results were perfect. Pony look great under the saddle and in harness, pets resemble unusual mountain or Pustoshny species that inhabit the territories of Great Britain, and can quickly adapt to the extreme conditions and difficult terrain with poor climate.

Thanks to the good leg system, which is well developed and is characterized by length and capacity, representatives of the original Welsh ponies have greater agility. This factor helps them to overcome all sorts of obstacles, which are beyond the power of the mountain toward the same breed.

Welsh Pony Cob different direction type conformation characteristics. In animals, the end of the greatest of all areas of the Welsh pony, and they have a massive neck area.

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