Characteristics of the breed, photos, description, content in the home

Characteristics of the breed, photos, description, content in the home

Trakehner breed was created in 1732 in East Prussia at the stud farm “Trakenen”. In the 18th century as a mobile transport usually used horses, so in the past centuries as actively engaged in the withdrawal of the hardy and fast animals. Experts working on the creation of horses suitable for participation in hostilities. The main task was to increase stamina, a good adaptation to the conditions and the immune system of animals that in war there were heavy losses among the horses.

Today, this breed is considered to be the most active sports and divorced in Germany. The breed is well preserved thanks to the professionals who do not interfere with different breeds. To improve the Trakehner breed, selected only the best individuals from the rock chapels or imported purebred Arabian horses.

Color monochrome black, red, gray colors with different shades. Each individual has a special sign – a white patch on the left leg in the form of elk antlers. The average increase in adult Trakehner becomes 160-165 cm at the withers.

Centre for horse breeding Trakehner be in Germany, but also actively engaged in horse breeding of this species in the neighboring countries and even on other continents.

The origins of the breed dates back to the 18th century when the local inhabitants used as a Trakehner horse or draft animals. Today, most of these horses are bred as sports, or just for selection.

Experts have improved the breed in such a way that the horses were turned strong, unpretentious, hardy, fast. All these qualities are also suitable for use for agricultural purposes as well as for sports. During the period of military Trakehner moved the heavy military supplies and weapons. Universal breed that can serve you well in any field of robots.

In our time in the Trakehner demand fell significantly, which is why Germany has incurred losses. Instead, they are increasingly popular Russian trucks, which are much less eat and have a calmer nature. In the world known Hockey and furnaces, as the first and most successful stallions imported from Russia.

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