Scottish mountain pony (Highland)

Photos, description or Scottish Highland horses mountain ponies, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description or Scottish Highland horses mountain ponies, characteristic for home breeding

In addition to the main title of “Highland”, which in English sounds like “a highland”, presented pony breed also has another name – the Scottish mountain ponies. Pets of the breed are the most powerful and very heavy in comparison with other British breeds. First spotted by the representative of Highland Scotland areas, namely in the northern parts of the country, in addition, some of the ponies lived on the islands western coastal regions.

Several factors indicate that the Scottish mountain ponies lived before, a long time before their official recognition. Some of the exterior features Highland also remind pupils of the Asian wild horse, but every year the animal’s appearance has changed under the influence of various factors, and causes of change was intense influence from the other species. Many of the characteristics that undoubtedly changed, but the most important qualities are preserved to the present. Owners Highland describe their favorites in the following words: have a broad and confident step, have unusual stamina, can withstand a variety of temperatures and longer hikes, possess a high level of longevity, which is accompanied by the methods of a variety of reproductive mating, primarily involved in this feature compatibility with representatives of Arab, and kleydesdalskih horses. In the first half of the 16th century, significant changes in the species affected livestock and French varieties daleskih pony. However, targeted cross-breeding with the Arab representatives is the main reason for the significant improvement of the breed.

Scottish mountain animals most of its existence, held on the free spaces of wildlife, which is why it is inherent unusual stubborn and survival instinct. Especially strongly pets have high stamina and a good immune system, which is the guarantor of resistance to various diseases.

Some of the differences within the breed Highland pony divided into two areas, these include: heavier, which is mainly derived from the Scottish regions and the lighter representatives of the island of origin. The first category is characterized by high-altitude data, on average, in the livestock withers, ranges from 145 cm. There is a certain group of breeders who do not agree with a similar division, and believe that there is only one direction. The group of representatives that have common interests and founded their own community, in charge of the Scottish mountain ponies, making them the corporation has occurred in the first half of the 20th century (about 1923). But despite, on non-recognition of a different direction, which actually originated much earlier mountain, island representatives continue to exist and to date.

Variety Highland differs sufficiently strong and solid constitution and extraordinary endurance, so pets can be operated throughout the year without significant rest. Previously, these ponies were used for transportation. Miniature pets were free to carry on themselves warriors, grazing herd (eg, sheep), to perform the work in a team, to pull out of the forests felled trees, lifted by the body of hunters in the high mountains, and then down into the valley is not only a hunter, but also with catch prey, whose weight was a hundred kilograms. Today, the world does not require similar quality and performance provided by species, often used for highland trekking, but also play the role perfectly rideable ponies, which is able to bear not only children but also adults. For equestrian allowed only purebred individuals of Scottish mountain of Representatives, which can often be seen, especially in the dressage and harness. Modern methods of reproductive crossbreeding with thoroughbred horses were welcomed as were created unique Gunter. Genetic application have been found in many military horses that have achieved great success in their work.

Consider some of the exterior characteristics of the species represented by the pony. Pet has the following characteristics: strong and large the structure of the body; the head portion corresponds to the Arab representatives, beautiful head with a large forehead, expressive and beautiful eyes, large nostrils; cervical region slightly arched and curved; bevelled shoulders; chest deep; rounded edges; part of the croup relief and strong; hip region, muscular; powerful limbs; hoof pretty solid, dark color. Externally visible short stature animals, all between 130 and 150 cm. The colors of the coat of basic shades of gray, dark brown, black saturated color, dark orange, in which area the mane and the tail region are painted in bright palette.

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