Wiesenau pig minipig

Photos, breed description minipigov wiesenau, pig breeding characteristic for home

Photos, breed description minipigov wiesenau, pig breeding characteristic for home

Earlier, on the site, we have already submitted to your attention a variety of miniature pig breeds, but this breed minipigov wiesenau, compared to other mini-pigami has sufficiently high levels of weight and height, and far superior to the miniaturization of other small pets. As a rule, the weight category of species represented wiesenau does not exceed twenty-five kilograms, that you will agree, quite a lot, as they belong to the middle weight category.

Initially pets brought to the German territories in which the vicinity of the town of Brandenburg, a group of breeders, scientists engaged in breeding of kids. The main title of the breed was named after the local municipality, where was born the first representative wiesenau.

Consider the exterior view of pets. Miniature pigs have black-white, or vice versa – white with black color of the body. Often, the traditional color of pets in common colors as follows: blanching of the black part, which is also reminiscent of the piano keys. Under the conditions that the pelvic region, the stigma and the shoulder of the black shades, the other remaining parts – snow-white, and so vice versa.

Presented a variety of small pigs are also easily distinguished from others because of the stigma of the original structure. On the muzzle is noticeable elongated nose portion, which is practically not noticeable wrinkles or even minimal wrinkling. Mostly at home dwelling pets is possible, but a similar phenomenon is quite rare. The main reason for the minimum rates of domestication began their slightly larger size appearance, but, despite this, there is still a lot of fans of the breed. For example, living in a country house, in the garden or in the countryside, where possible free-range, wiesenau perfectly adapted. Terms of home contents are completely different, this fact depends on the nature of the animal.

Presented mini-piggies have special traits of temperament. If the right to make up their diet, then the kids will be grateful. It is particularly important that the food is loved by him, that is, you need to regularly feed the pets boarding diverse cultures (pigs love them). There are cases of apartment dwelling mini pigov wiesenau. Owners characterize small pets like having unusual intellectual level, they are well accustomed to the maintenance of cleanliness, can perform many different commands, in addition to the owners of domesticated and serve him day and night, trying to help in everything.

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