Siberian miniature pig

Photos, description miniature Siberian breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description miniature Siberian breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Representatives of miniature pigs Siberian miniature breeds were first seen in Soviet times. After some time, the mini-breed and spread in the western territories, which made a kind of more popular. Siberian miniature pigs created on the basis of pork vislobryuhih representatives. Before breeding breed specific goals were set that were divided into two categories:

  1. live weight adults of varieties should not exceed more than fifty kilograms;
  2. rapid acclimatization, especially resistance to extreme Siberian climate.

When the studies were carried out of the skin covering the Siberian small pigs, under the leadership of the Soviet scientists, it was found that the composition of the skin has a lot of factors similar to human skin. Therefore, this discovery decided to use to test all sorts of creams and ointments. From the point of view of humanity, a factor quite convenient to use, but not for the pigs themselves, which is not always successfully tested these drugs.

Externally visible woolen blanket. In minipig body abundantly covered with dense hairs, except that pets have a massive undercoat. The colors of the primary colors is dull orange shades of white or yellow dull color schemes. Consider other exterior features: toned, relief of the body; abdominal area is not characterized by drooping; hoof rather narrow; legs are long enough. Feature appearance is the presence of a massive body fat, through which pupils can easily be located on the territory of Siberia cold climate.

Such babies are often compared with the pot-bellied pig or Gottingen miniature pigs. For a good standard of living pets will miss ordinary farm courtyard or a simple shed in private. Total living representatives mini pigov owners identified their calm temperament, stress, as well as peaceful. They often contain s other species, pigs behave kindly and patiently.

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