Black-and-white breed cows, characteristic

Dutch black mottled breed cows, photos, description

Dutch black mottled breed cows, photos, description

In the process of crossing local cattle with the Dutch, the black-and-white breed was developed. Animals received an excellent adapted to the different climate and good health.

Black-and-white cow has a large trunk, which is proportional to other parts, broad back, lower back, a large bowl-shaped udder, straight legs, newborn calves weigh only 30-35 kg.

Compared with other types of cows, it is considered most breast, averaging one individual gives 3500 – 4000 kg milk production per year, and sometimes even 5000-6000 kg. Exceed the maximum milk yield of cows is not possible.

Dairy products are not a fat, meat quality is also excellent on the level. In growing calves, daily adding to the weight range from 800 g to 1 kg, reaching the age of 18 months, bulls weigh 420-480 kg. After slaughter, meat yield is 50-55%.

Buying cow must be remembered that the sellers do not have documents proving the breed and information about the amount of milk production, it is better to buy from reliable sellers at the right price.

In Ukraine and Russia the most common among rural farmers in western Ukraine and farms across the country.

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