Sukrolnaya rabbit – proper feeding

What to feed sukrolnyh rabbits, description, photos, how to and how much

What to feed sukrolnyh rabbits, description, photos, how to and how much

After mating, rabbits, males fed to recruited forces, in turn, sukrolnaya rabbit needs proper feeding. What to feed during gestation, we’ll tell.

Food sukrolnyh rabbits should be rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins. The first half of pregnancy, the body loses all its resources to form the placenta, the fetus. Highly developed fetus begins in the second half sukrolnosti, at the same time increasing the placenta, getting bigger breasts. It is important to feed the expectant mother to young rabbits grew large, and accordingly – healthy.

For 5 or 7 days before the birth of rabbits need to reduce the use of rabbit and grass roughage, silage fodder is completely eliminated, and concentrates increased.

Females feed: mixed fodder, oats, legumes grains 80-100 grams of protein – sunflower meal 30-50 g, including saturated foods – carrots, minerals – chalk, meat and bone meal of 1-2 g of vitamin – fish oil 2 Years

The second part of pregnancy gives to eat: 45% concentrated food is wheat bran – 12%, barley / oats – 23%, corn – 10%, 43% alfalfa hay, 10% meadow and 2% minerals. On the day of the females fed with 140 – 150 g of a mixture of the mesh. In addition to the food, provide high-quality hay and twigs of plants and trees.

Do not let the rabbit fatten, then they bring fewer offspring, and it is generally not viable. If the female is not enough mineral feed during pregnancy, they can eat the pups born. It is important to give them to eat vitamins and constantly monitor.

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