How to sukrolnost rabbit

As a self-check sukrolnost rabbit at home, check the false pregnancy

As a self-check sukrolnost rabbit at home, check the false pregnancy

Rabbit gestation period is 28 – 34 days, sometimes 30. There are cases where the rabbit gives birth in a day, and very rarely in ten days. There are many rabbit rabbits are born with small sukrolnosti terms, for example, born 10 for 30 days – 11 rabbits, 31 days – nine, ten, 33 days – six, seven through 34 – four, five.

Few are born rabbits are usually 28 – 29 days of gestation, although rarely, that when a small amount of fruit, childbirth can be divided according to the terms in a large range. When pregnancy is 31 days, rabbits weigh 57 grams, and 33 days – 60 – ’61 To be sure that the rabbit is pregnant, have a special test for pregnancy. Already in the 12 – 15 day gestation embryos can be felt and to identify the female pregnancy. To do this, take a female, put it so that the head was turned to one side to the breeder. With his left hand hold for the spine, and the other placed under the belly, if the doe is pregnant, her uterus will be increased.

Check sukrolnost rabbit embryos can be probing. Touching should be with extreme caution so as not to damage the fruit. Novice breeder is difficult to determine from the first attempt because the embryos are like feces, so it is necessary to understand that the stool harder and more round than the embryo. When probing female found that she was not pregnant podsazhivayut it to the male, so probing females can determine pregnancy within 15 – 17 days and soon to fertilize other rabbits. The embryos develop in the uterus very quickly, especially in the second half of pregnancy, namely 16 – 20 days. Up to 20 days the fetus weighs 2 – 3 g, and by day 25 for 21 – ’22

Pregnancy requires strong tension whole body of nutrient waste materials in the body is to form the fetus and placenta shell. Therefore, in this period, it is important to good and comprehensive nutrition for the development of healthy rabbits. Since pregnant rabbits important rest, they should not be unless absolutely necessary to take the hand. If it needs to be done, then it is necessary to act with extreme caution, and to hold the animal is not only a skin on the neck, but also from below. Females during pregnancy is not advisable to transplant to another location and keep the room quiet.

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