Water for rabbits, as needed

How and how much to water the rabbits in winter, summer

How and how much to water the rabbits in winter, summer

It is believed that virtually rabbits need water. Indeed, eating green and succulent feed, water they drink is very small in amount. Yet it is not correct to say that the water they do not need at all. Lack of water or the lack of effect on the animal’s appetite, increased thirst, rabbits lose weight as a result begin to get sick and may die. In many cases, eating newborn rabbit is connected with the lack of water, its number of rabbits is directly related to their weight, feed, the air temperature in a cell or room. Water is an integral part of the rabbit, the majority of all the processes that occur in the body are directly linked to it. Liquid takes extra products from the body, regulates body temperature level.

Rabbits are much easier to move the lack of food than water shortages. Loss of water in the body a rabbit or dehydration in 10% of cases leads to death. Lack of water has a negative impact on the work of the kidneys, and the female may even refuse to feed the rabbits. Body cells and organs rabbits mostly composed of water than adults, with their maturation, gaining weight, the number of water in the body is reduced. Rabbit uses twice as much water as food.

Also, the amount of water needed depends on the amount of protein in foods consumed animals, which means that the more protein, the more water you need to drink a rabbit.

The need for water increases also with animal feeding dry foods (grains, pellets, hay, straw). The young lady, eating such food should be a lot of water to digest food as opposed to adults. Do not forget also about breastfeeding and pregnant females, especially their need to provide sufficient drinking. Summer rabbit having rabbits, which has 20 days consumes 1.25 – 1.5 liters. water, and when they were 40 days, then 2 liters. water. Rabbits should be given 0.1 liters. of water per 1 kg of live weight, and if the temperature rises to 30 ° C, then 1.13 liters of water is necessary. per kg body weight. On average, the amount of water for rabbits depends on air temperature, about animals need anywhere from 65 to 135 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight. For example, rabbit, weighing 5 kg per day to drink 250 – 350 ml of water.

With a good and nutritious food rabbits mostly drink water at night or in the evening, during this period of time they consume large amounts of food. Treat for rabbits should be twice a day, morning and evening, but the water in the drinkers should be located permanently.

In winter, if the rabbits kept in cages in the yard, the water can be replaced with snow, but it is better to keep the water temperature was 35 – 39 ° C.

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