Tularemia in rabbits

Photos, description rabbits diseases - tularemia is treated at home

Photos, description rabbits diseases – tularemia is treated at home

Tularemia in rabbits is very dangerous for health, infectious disease, they suffer not only rabbits, but the people, birds, other animals, most often exposed mice, rats, gophers. With the number of pets can catch tularemia, as already mentioned, rabbits, even, sheep, goats, cows, horses, ducks, geese.

Distributors – rodents, and the cause of the disease – sick rabbits, beavers, partridges, hawks. From one animal to another infection transmitted by ticks, mosquitoes, flies, fleas. Animals also can infect humans. Confirm infection in a particular case is only capable of a veterinarian, the rabbits she proceeds with specific symptoms sometimes you might think that this aureus, and sometimes even no symptoms. The disease affects the lymph nodes, they appear purulent sores, which can often break. Animal disease undergoing boast immunity from the disease, which persists for a long time, but most of the rabbits die. To say exactly what it is tularemia, veterinarian performs bacteriological analyzes.

An effective remedy for the disease can be called observance of sanitary rules, first of all, you must get rid of all the rodents, flies and mosquitoes. Carefully handle the arms near the rabbits have a special gown.

Rabbits, who are suspected to tularemia, should be moved to a separate room, and infectious individuals with the skins are destroyed. In places where tularemia has been impossible to get water, mow the grass.

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