Mineral supplements rabbits

Photos, description of the body's need for mineral supplements rabbits

Photos, description of the body’s need for mineral supplements rabbits

For the full life of the rabbits needed minerals are components of the animal cells are replenished through the feed. It is very important to rabbits calcium, phosphorus, namely their body contains about 65 – 70% of all minerals. Their main number contained in the bones, and the selection of milk in lactating females, several times greater than that of cows and goats. Need lactating rabbits and calves in calcium – 1% of the dry food, so they need a daily 1.5 – 2.0 grams of calcium, the floor of this rule goes through the daily ration of dry grass. Phosphorus must be 60 – 70% higher than the calcium, vitamin D help to better absorb it.

Mineral supplements are digested rabbits through the mother’s milk to 80 – 90% of the green and fertilizing only 20%. But this does not mean that the dressing does not need to give rabbits, every day they need 0.5 grams of salt, adults 1 – 1.5 g, lactating female rabbits 2.0 – 2.5 g, and pregnant women – 2.0 g Potassium improves the functioning of the heart, accelerates growth. The disadvantage of this mineral in the body, leads to the appearance of kidney stones, myocardial necrosis. Rabbit daily needs of 0.6 – 1.4% of dry matter feed. Magnesium is also required mineral, it is found in all tissues of the body, its lack of negative impact on the nervous system, however, daily dose – 0.03 – 0.04% of dry matter.

The feed and in the body in small portions micronutrients are iron, copper, manganese, zinc and sulfur. Although they need very little, but their lack of a significant effect on the general condition. For example, if there is no iron and copper, the growth slows, it falls immunity. Zinc and Manganese deficiency leads to bone fragility and their bending. Cobalt, if it is small, negative impact on the state of rabbit fur, hair grows slowly, the work violated the digestive system. Add the amount of iron can give the little animals ryegrass, alfalfa, red clover, plantain, barley, oats, wheat, oil cake. Copper replenished from sorghum, brewer’s yeast, cake, ryegrass, alfalfa, oats, clover. Manganese is also found in wheat, clover. Zinc – wheat bran, fish and bone meal. Cobalt – leaves of aspen and willow trees, legumes and root crops, bagasse. Kale is rich in sulfur.

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