Gottingen Mini-Pig

Photos, breed description Gottingen miniature pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, breed description Gottingen miniature pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Compared with many other different breeds of pigs Breed representatives Gottingen mini pigov are not only smaller, but also among the young. In this species has little compliance with the pot-bellied pig: weight category. Representatives of both species have live weight in areas of hundred kilograms.

Consider a variety of exterior features of the breed of pigs. These include: the body in the form of a slightly curved arc; abdominal part of a rather convex (this part is also similar to that found in representatives of Vietnamese rock); rather long and flat nose, which significantly lowered the ending, often resembles a real nose. Externally visible primary colors the coat, which is dominated by the color black, as is often intertwined with white spots.

Owners of animals submitted noticed some differences pets that are of great importance in breeding. One of the advantages is the increased appetite. In fact, make a diet for representatives of Göttingen miniature pigs was quite simple. Pigs are actually unpretentious food, ready to eat anything. Despite the fact that the process of eating piglets, does not exclude the night snacking, that is, kids eat a day, so at night, they need a clear diet, the better day. In practice, it is proved that due to the nocturnal snacking pets sleep poorly, develop and feel in general.

The nature of representatives of Gottingen miniature pigs are encouraged by all the owners. To put the outside world with love, have a quiet and calm disposition, rather curious and energetic, love to play and win the attention of those around. If you have already decided on what to buy a baby like, it is necessary to consider the factor of material losses, which may be due to a temporary excessive playfulness. When the content of home pet loss can be even more so separate instances that live in houses surrounded by constant love and patience own masters. Individual cases contrary encouraged, for example, the content of the representatives of the mini-pig in suburban areas or suburban homes, where there is a separate section in the open air. All this is necessary to ensure that the pigs had a certain place where they can frolic, then the fact that the hooligans in energy houses would not remain.

Also GoÈttingen representatives differ quite high fertility. Naturally, the owners are happy to even several newborn babies but that then, if it will be about twenty mini pig new generation?

Breeding varieties submitted with each passing day becomes more popular, so fans of the miniature and highly intelligent mini pig increasingly become the house of good and loyal friends – Gottingen piglets.

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