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Photos, description breed pigs mini pigment - Julian pig characteristic

Photos, description breed pigs mini pigment – Julian pig characteristic

The first representative of the breed of pigs Julian appeared in the European territory. For removing rocks used long-term processes of selection works. Besides the title “Julian”, also often can hear these pigs are called colored miniature pigs. Compared with other species, represented by pets different external characteristics, namely – small specks. If we compare the data exterior Julian and Vietnamese animals, we can see there is no slack in the spinal region and a convex abdominal part. With regard to the snout, then color it is longer than that of the Vietnamese mini pigov.

When you initially set goals, about what exactly should be the future Julian representatives, we mentioned not only the quality, but also character traits. The first little pig showed that all the efforts of scientists were not in vain, because the main advantage of Julian was their temper. Pigs have unusual traits that are inherent not all varieties. Kids peaceful, quickly become accustomed to the owner, responsible and have a calm disposition.

Bred Julian species has been quite a long time. At the moment, there are many varieties that are not similar to those that lived earlier. Modern scientists have discovered that a type has provided clear conformation characteristics and good internal properties.

Julian miniature pigs have the following conformation traits: toned physique and relief; part of the body so long that the length of the data exceeds the high-rise. The head of the medium-sized and flat; elongated snout and direct, it also sent the top, like the multitude of rocks. Eyes pigs oval shape that resembles a small tonsils; colors meet bright blue or deep brown. Ear field of small size, placed upright. In these lovely creatures have little cheeks and tightened, if slightly sagging cheeks, then this lack of exterior look at pets is still very unusual. Constitution slim and muscular. Fairly rare chubby or round shape in representatives of the breed. The dorsal region is flat and elongated. The chest and shoulder part of the broad and deep enough. Provided that the pigs are born with a small deflection in the back, they can not be used as breeding animals. The abdominal area is virtually always clean and elastic. There are mini-piggies with a little rounded belly, but there are no representatives of Julian with a fully belly sagged. Since the birth of pigs do not have a rounded belly, as a rule, there is sagging in sows after they give birth to children. Legs pets often of medium length and straight. The forelegs are located immediately below the shoulder area. On each leg four fingers are placed: two of them to form a hoof, and the other two are called “rudimentnymi” and located at the rear of the field. Hind legs placed pretty well, but finding them immediately under the body. Neighborhood hock is strong enough and a little put out at the back. The tail of the plane, and the end is twisted significantly, if the pig is not in motion. In those moments when the pig running and active sports, the tail begins to resemble a spring.

Externally, it can be seen immediately spots throughout the body, this is the main feature of the breed. Colored mini-piggies match the appearance of wild boars or wild pigs, it is such unusual characteristics made popular pets among many connoisseurs-of breeders. The fact that kids are moving guarantee the complete absence of fat folds, because the constant expenditure of energy to stimulate fat destruction.

No matter how many varieties there were representatives of this species, all of them characterized by the body coloring with numerous spots. The basic palette are silver, white, bright orange, saturated black and brown, that often resemble shades of coffee and cream. With regard to varieties of spots, they are mostly black, but rare and pets with orange and little white spots. The main characteristic of mandatory – a profusion of spots on the trunk. The presence of thick spot on the body – the more prized species representative of Julian. The spots can be seen very clearly, they have a clear contour lines. The coloring pets do not have any rules, spots are scattered in different ways. Over time, the colors of miniature pigs becoming dimmer, the phenomenon is due to the growing stubble. But if periodically wash the animal, it is clearly visible form spots on the skin. Colored have thick, long enough (especially in winter) and abundant bristles.

Adult members of this breed Julian have approximately 15-25 kg of live weight, and the average data growth of pigs begin to fluctuate in areas of 30-40 cm. Even when the maximum age (three to four years), mini-piggies do not exceed the weight class of about thirty kilograms.

As before, presented a variety of great pleasure bred many farmers and breeders, the thing is undemanding and the unusual nature of the pets. In addition to the multiple advantages, pigs are also some disadvantages, which include:

  1. complete or partial absence of spots;
  2. live weight exceeds the weight category of thirty kilograms;
  3. animal’s height is more than forty-five centimeters.

Naturally, similar signs just the same number of pigs to those who are flawed, but even with them, Julian mini-piggies look quite cute, and still pleased with the property owner.

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