Meyshan pigs

Photos, description Meyshan pig breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Meyshan pig breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

The first representative of the breed of pigs Meyshan (Meishan Pigs) was found on the territory of China, and this breed title went to the place where they were bred – Province Meyshan. If you compare with other meyshan pigs, we can clearly find that the breed is one of the most ancient domestic pigs that were able to maintain full availability of stock, despite the variety of habitat conditions. In fact, it is proved that the first record of meyshan appeared more than four years ago. As a kind of quite rampant, its name sounds in each language in different ways, but there are two basic types of transfers. These include the original Chinese “梅山 猪”, as well as a universal translation «Meishan Pigs», that all parts used.

In fact, meyshan breed is not original in its own way, because it is derived from the ancient varieties of Chinese origin – Taihu in Chinese – “太湖 猪”. Pigs breed eventually Taihu were divided into seven different character types, each area was different by certain signs. So, kind of meyshan characterized fully saturated black color trunk, ears, compared to all other types, the longest, the head part is fairly short, and the exterior view of the constitution is massive. On the territory of the European countries and the United States were imported by representatives of the same species, but their coloring was with visible white spots in the head and limbs.

meyshan breed representatives have greasy qualities of productivity, and in their home country (China) production of pigs is highly valued. Pets possess a good immune system, which acts as the guarantor of resistance to multiple diseases. When breeding meyshan for animals is necessary to draw up a diet, the main food additives are a mixture of coarse fodder in large quantities. At this point, the pig is strong enough popualizirovalis in many areas, so in addition to China, they gladly bred in America, Great Britain and several European countries.

Growth and development of the members of this breed is not very intense, but quite profitable for those who demand the sebaceous animals because of obesity process occurs quickly enough. Average statistical measurements of bacon are from three to four centimeters. Despite the high quality of fat production, livestock and produce meat product, but, surprisingly, in the territory of China, the meat is valued low score of the Chinese meat in line with our assessment of various clippings (lungs or liver). What can not be said about the popularity of offal and fat, such gifts are valued quite high, especially in the price of the skin, which is served as a delicacy. The most commercially available parts are considered to be a pig, smoked noses, ears and legs, the total cost of all this as the fourth part of the carcass. Next in the ranking is the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, which are five times more expensive than the previous products. And finally, the most expensive part – the fat with the skin, the price is very high, and as purchase something that not everyone can afford, then this product is a delicacy. Such an assessment may also be connected with the composition of the body represented by species of pigs. the abdomen rather massive, large internal organs, a lot of greasy products, and so a lot of skin.

Exterior Features meyshan differ massive body. Externally visible characteristics of the skin. Leather covered in wrinkles, her grows abundantly without being coarse dark hair, which makes the whole pig with black. Ears very long, much sag. Of course, as a rule, strong and rather short.

We represented the Chinese well-developed maternal quality. Elevation sows do not exceed 50-65 cm. Reproductive meyshan quality is so high that they can compete with the most prolific breeds of pigs. In one year, my mother-pig can give birth to up to two times for a farrowing sow meyshan gives life 15-18 young pigs. At the age of two or three months (60-90 days), the kids are already fully mature. And in the age period of eight months (240 days), the live weight of pigs reaches 170-180 kg.

If you see several directions at once Taihu, the representatives meyshan calculated quite simply one of them. The main feature – strongly pendulous ears. Furthermore, inherent for pig skin with multiple folds, as well as a black body. It is known that pigs are also a feature is the increased production of the sebaceous, such a factor is not to everyone, which is why steel taken some measures to improve the breed in the highest percentage in the carcass meat product. This goal has been achieved, but then those pigs, which conducted the study, began to lose their own unique characteristics and become productive factory of ordinary pigs. After all, the most important quality of a unique swine direction meyshan lies in intensive folded skin, sebaceous wrinkles on the face, which is why it seems that the snout is very small. Despite the fact that the head part in the form of miniature pigs have massive systemic skull, against which stand out expressive eyes and protruding ears, long more than thirty centimeters.

In addition to the head area it is clearly expressed structure and the constitution. Looking at the pet is noticed the complete absence of relief, but instead only multiple folds and quite fat, flabby body with highly sagging abdominal area. With regard to sex differences, they pronounced because sows greater friability compared to boar. A large number of body fat also affects the movement of representatives meyshan, and more in the negative direction if observe how pigs are sent to him in the corral, the apparent clumsiness of pets and it is evident that they are hard to move. Lower area and extremities may have a pinkish color scheme that does not touch their body colors, which are unique to dark shades, a phenomenon triggered by the color of the bristles, covering the entire body.

With regard to the external dimensions of mature representatives of the male gender, the boars have altitude data 65 cm d 75 cm, and the live weight of pets is about 140-180 kg, than boars differ significantly from sows.

The first representatives of the direction meyshan lived in a subtropical climate areas where mild temperatures prevailed. Their habitat affected pendulous ears that say about the intensive acclimatization in these temperate regions. The fact that massive ears that have pets, well, a process of heat output. Originally painted pig not to breed varieties of Chinese in other climates, but their experiences have become vain. After some time, pupils have started to export from China, spread in Western Europe, Southern Europe, where pigs excellent feel and developed, which is what the present day.

With regard to the reproductive qualities of the breed, they are superior to many domestic pigs all over the world. There are only a few species, which could be compared to a meyshan fertility, but mainly pigs, most are bred in farms, even closer to the reproduction of the Chinese can not. One day, even the maximum record sows of the breed was recorded that in one litter was able to bring the average child of 22, and its largest litter of 40 piglets! This incredible amount recorded as the largest in the world, by the way, the record was not broken until now. Of course, buying a pig meyshan there is no guarantee that when the sow will grow, it will also bring forty kids, because this case is unusual rarity. But the fact of the developed system of reproduction is guaranteed, because the usual representative meyshan at once gives life 15-18 kids.

Exterior features pets also depend directly on the mother, at least, the level of smoothness of the skin surface. It is impossible to immediately anticipate a special feature, because its development occurs after some time.

The process of puberty depends on the breed meyshan sexual differences. For females under the age of three months (30 days) are considered to be fully sexually mature, can not be said of the boars, which mature for four or more months (120 days). Depending on the readiness of mating pets, about nine months creating pairs, because by this time the partners are fully mature. As fertility qualities as well as the speed of puberty, with sows meyshan is unmatched by any species that inhabits the European territories.
At the moment, all sorts of even the most minimal investment to continue the generation represented species are welcome. The breed was originally bred and had a high popularity, but whose existence for over four hundred years old haunt. In the modern world prefers maturing breeds that meet all the productive qualities, what kind of a little inferior. Even given the high data reproductive qualities of intensity is still not satisfied with many pig farmers. Also in terms of meat production, have pets too much body fat percentage. Some pig farmers want to preserve species, so they try to improve the meat quality, while maintaining all the features of the breed.

At the age of a few months look selfish cover is very smooth, but the quality is growing with time lost and the skin appears with multiple folds of fat, which betray the originality of the breed.

With each passing day, the representatives meyshan getting smaller, but the Chinese territories of small farm plots are constantly engaged in breeding of pets. This is primarily due to the high resistance to various environmental conditions, as well as the good results of reproductive processes. In addition, pigs are unpretentious food, well-meyshan mothers care for their babies, and the immune system developed to protect against any diseases and parasites. As for motherhood, the owners of the representatives of the Chinese species describe the useful qualities of sows milk. The high survival rate of babies is accompanied by an unusual power structure of mother milk product that has a high percentage of body fat, and a lot of calcium in the milk ensures intensive development of bone system piglets. Such symptoms are considered rare. According to the reasons that a permanent dwelling animals originally were at the village areas, explains the low number of livestock, but the structure is developed.

With the help of representatives of the breed of pigs it was established many modern varieties. For example, meyshan became the basis for the elimination of European pig lines. European breeders were looking for a kind of similar to the wild boars to make the crossing to the creation of new pigs and piglets meyshan made a real revolution by their appearance in Europe and the United States. All the processes of reproductive mating produced a lot of productive species, first in Great Britain and later in the European countries and, finally, in Germany. Among all the varieties created at the Chinese breed fundamentals stood out German: Swabian-Gallic, mottled benthaymerskaya, the Anglo-German sedlbek.

Representatives of the variety that would be bred for slaughter processes, virtually no on the European territories. Undeniable fact of breeding, especially in zoological gardens, zoos, where they are members of the Christian households, as becomes clear as soon as look at them: Hanging ears, in the folds of a loose body fat, rumpled face. Visitors happy to consider similar animals, especially when the sow gives many cute kids.

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