Clydesdale horse

Photos, description horse Clydesdale horse breed, feature, home farming

Photos, description horse Clydesdale horse breed, feature, home farming

Representatives of Clydesdale horse horse breed originated from Great Britain and part of Scotland.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the breed pets in more detail. The fact is that over time, horses are often crossed, because external features may occur in animals that are not inherent to true Clydesdale horse. The best specimens of the breed have an increase from 165 cm to 175 cm in girth chest becomes from 190 cm to 205 cm metacarpus waver around 25 cm. – 30 cm. In addition, to determine the status of thoroughbred horses you can use the extremity examination.. In the original, they should be straight and small. Hooves are more spacious and flexible, so it does not manifest their rigidity. In Clydesdale forehead is not too wide, nostrils they are big enough. Horses are also characterized by beautiful, expressive eyes, looking at that you can see an intelligent look. Ears massive, elongated neck region and slightly bent, and back line is fairly short. Externally, there are several different kinds of woolen cover: chalye, gray, bay and black horses colors. The average pet’s height at the withers ranges from 160 cm to 175 cm.

Looking at the true representative of the Clydesdale horse, should be made an impression, as if the pet is able to carry out any work with great vigor and endurance, which is why animals often become rural chores. Since the growth of pets do more than many other species, horses well developed bone structure and has clearly expressed muscles. Varieties characterized by beautiful movements, productive step wide enough, and the lynx is completely free. As for the features in the coat of horses, at the primary colors (different shades of chestnut suit and a dark bay palette) white spots appear in the area of ​​the front section and the limbs can be seen four massive “socks” that extend to the knee.

Differ representatives Clydesdale horse own level of precocity and reproductive qualities, besides horses are able to continuously work and help in different tasks, but they must be properly contain, to make the right food diet for pets productivity (it should be thick, to give strength) and regularly care for animals.

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