Hackney Horses

Photos, description Hackney horses breed characteristics

Photos, description Hackney horses breed characteristics

Hackney Horse breeds were bred to Great Britain territory.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the horses. For Hackney inherent mostly woolen covers the following: bay, dark bay, red and raven colors, moreover, rare animals, which have chalymi shades of wool. In the area of ​​the head and limbs in horses can be noticed specks of white. Representatives of this breed possess a medium-sized head; profile rather flat, often similar to rams; wide forehead; massive and expressive eyes; small ears, very sensitive. Neck area neat (especially near the base), more elongated, curved relief and, in relation to the body can not be noticed in advance; the dorsal part of the straight, and the relief is very powerful, is placed under the proportional angle, but at the same time short. Withers is not very developed, stunted; Spin trim line becomes flat and rather short loins; croup long enough, convex and spacious. The abdominal area is deep and arched, and drawn into the cavity itself; ribs dry and round; chest open. The tail upwards. The limbs are clean and powerful. Forearm elongated and raised. Pasterns have a larger diameter, straight; tendon dry and elastic; hoof convex, small, with a characteristic of the variety dense horny corn. Hackney ponies average with growth of 140 cm to 160 cm.

Often represented the breed used to work in harness or under saddle.

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