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Photos, description wild horses breed Mustang characteristic

Photos, description wild horses breed Mustang characteristic

The word “mustang” can decrypt with the Spanish language, which means “run wild” or “private.” The main terms, which were the basis of the words in Spanish sounds like «mesteno» or «monstenco». These phrases can be described very well represented by a variety of horses. Pets are considered representatives of the wild that were originally seen in the American territories. Development mustang horses began about three million years ago, and the virtual disappearance of species was recorded a decade earlier. New varieties of revival occurred as follows: vershniki named Cortez and De Soto went to the top of the handsome North American territories, what surprised many breeders. The fact that they are horses, in fact, were the extraordinary Andalusian and Barbary representatives, which directly affects the removal of the Mustang. Previously it was not known how the opportunity to domesticate wild horses or even they can be tame, but the researchers have come up with its own method, the results of which created a furore. Then the researchers were the followers, and they gave knowledge about taming the wild beauties.

Let us consider in detail especially excretion represented breed. Mustangs applies fully to the wild horses. These horses previously exported from the European regions in the new territory, the action takes place in the intervals of the 16th century. At the moment when the animals stayed in the pastures, while having complete freedom to be wild and escaped. The thing is that previously they did not have the possibility to move freely, but when they had a similar freedom, then many simply fled. Another part of the horses – just perished in the battles for which no horse before and no one poked.

There was a time when the horses disappeared again and, for a long time, no one noticed, but then again, they returned to the home content. If we consider the modern era, the 20th century was the peak of the return of wild representatives, the number of livestock has increased significantly. In North America, there were about two million, but, unfortunately, many of the representatives of this wonderful breed has suffered at the hands of hunters, hunting for mustangs had been for some time the most popular. Hunting is carried out for the production of meat and skin products. On the eve of the 21st century, due to the very intensive extraction of the breed, the true representatives of the Mustangs were almost completely destroyed. There are unofficial statistics on the current number of horses, of which there are not more than ten or twelve thousand, that you will agree, compared with two million, slightly. In addition, because of the constant hunt for pets, it is not possible to graze on pasture, for the reasons that the animals could not productively replicate. Despite the fact that the rock belongs to the wild horses were needed pasture free range, where they could stay with young calves, but because they were frightened hunters, most hidden.

Studies have shown that this species is not a simple horses and they have an extremely high level of intelligence, so allow for the possibility that the animals simply disappeared for a while, because the situation they were doing a lot of time, and then come back again, in search of a better life among mankind. Only if we accept them accordingly?

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