Landrace breed of pigs description

Photos, description Landrace pigs breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Landrace pigs breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Presented Landrace breed of pigs is different in that it is these animals have identified as an unusual breed that belongs to the type of meat or bacon direction. Initially, the animals brought to the territory of Denmark. To create Landrace use all the features of the Danish pig varieties and quality production of large white breed. Breeding took place in the best conditions of correctness of the diet, where pigs are actively fed lots of protein foods (most of animal origin only). Then we conducted a very thorough selection process newborns Representatives and picked up special hybrids that have the highest level of precocity and quality of earnings, that is, so that the final results of breeding, was given the original price with the help of animal products. At the end of the experience, gave birth to a new species of pigs, which own a large number of carcasses contained meat product, and also had a significant layer of subcutaneous greasy products.

Often represented by a variety of productive qualities, compared with pets Large White pigs, which is not strange. Representatives Landrace already at 90-110 kg live weight meat products have the presence of about 4-6%. Their meat meatless different characteristics, as well as the refined dimensions of bacon. Adult males have zhivim weighing about 300-320 kg, it is known that the female, in turn, significantly less weight. Females of this species have high reproductive qualities. For one lambing, Landrace-mother is able to give life from nine to twelve piglets. During the night the baby of the breed, the average gains in the areas of 650-750 grams of body weight and per kilogram of weight gain is used close to 3.5-4.5 fodder unit. To achieve weight 90-110 kg, babies need approximately six months (about 160-190 days).

Consider some of the exterior characteristics of the species represented. So, pupils have large, long body; debarking of the significantly extended, straight; snout of medium size; straight profile; ears long enough, it is almost always weigh on the eyes. Externally visible in pigs is not abundant bristles, mostly pale white shades.

Due to the fact that representatives of the Landrace have high specialization in many areas, and especially ripening of young and reproductive sows, pigs are highly popular with many farmers and pig producers. The only thing that say the owners of these pets, because it demands to food, as well as to the conditions of the constant whimsical content. Often, malformed diet entails consequences, and very bad. For example, the fertility rate falls, and the entire reproductive quality, in general, is also reduced by several times the number of children, which leads mother-Landrace. Adult male members of this species have live weights of about 300-320 kg, and mature women – 245-265 kg. The girth of the chest with the boars waver in areas of 155-165 cm in sows – 145-155 cm Length of all male body -. 175-185 cm, females -. 160-170 cm multiple pregnancy rate appears often from 9 to 12 piglets.

Over Landrace pigs were carried out public research, which showed that when properly drawn up by the diet, the pigs were shown to be sufficiently profitable and maturing. For one day he carried the weight gain of 600-800 grams. To gain similar consumed about four feed units. At the age of 180 days, some of the representatives reached a body weight of 90-110 kg.

Variety Landrace was not immediately popular. It is known that in order to pigs before us so what are now carried out a number of different experiments. The first pig-fattening, scientists want to improve the quality and increase the quantity of meat products, which later led to some rock formations have. The distinguishing characteristics were morphological and physiological characteristics that are completely distinguished from all existing Landrace breeds of different directions. For example, the level of fat, the energy that is currently in pigs, has been postponed for at six months of age – about 22%, and after nine months, the standard of living goes down to 7%, similar quality have a large pig, but not so high. The amount of protein, which possess landraces, is many times greater than that of large white varieties: in the half-year age of about 22%, and in nine months – 27%. On each calculation of one kilogram of live weight, the level slightly inferior to white close relatives. The product features are proof of the fact that, despite the kinship white large breed and Landrace, they were still able to surpass these multiple productive ancestors. Landrace representatives have a greater level of protein synthesis, thus they are the most popular.

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