Mini sibling breed miniature pigs

Photos, description miniature pig breeds mini sibling, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description miniature pig breeds mini sibling, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In the first half of the 20th century in the areas of multiple countries in Europe, Asia, America, the first representatives of a mini or micro sibling were withdrawn. It creates views using a variety of complex method of hybridization and selection processes. Newly pigs belonged to dwarf varieties. In our country the appearance of small sibling occurred in the second half of the 20th century, about ten years after the launch. Thanks to the efforts of breeders group of scientists, the domestic population of mini, micro-sibling was created.

Often the question arises what factors led to the minimization of variety and exactly who made the decision about it. In fact, there is not one reason that explains vyshenapisannogo questions. The high interest in miniature pigs is, firstly, that they can contain more convenient, to carry out a variety of medical, biological and other research in special laboratories. Second, weight category and the similarity of most of the internal organs is the same with human. Third, the required amount of feed mixtures contain less vivarium laboratory specimens is significantly reduced. And finally, fourth, pets have better cognitive development, improved decorative appearance.

On the territory of our country, livestock needed quickly to preserve the genetic reserve and various studies, can not be said about the breeding of kids in Germany or the United States, where the mini, micro-sib common as pets.

It would seem incomprehensible decision that domestic breeders do not try to get such a nice pets. The reason is quite simple. The fact that presented a variety of very poorly adapted and acclimatised, so none of the geneticists and breeders did not try to tame breed. In addition, the cost of one representative rather high, so buy a mini-pigs, not everyone has the opportunity.

Consider the exterior characteristics of mini, micro-sibling. So, a little pig is inherent in a compact and harmonious body; It refers to features of the unique structure of the cranial system. Keep pigs quite easily and profitably. Eat little kids, and to the conditions of life to adapt quickly. Practice has shown that the variety has provided a calm-minded, peaceful, these are the qualities valued in lab work. Appearance at sibling excels in most snow-white suit. Sometimes, there are pets in the rock with spots, such a thing as the scientists explain, mated with genetic ancestors games that previously were the representatives of the Vietnamese spotted varieties.

Introduced species is a unique laboratory line that was derived exclusively thoroughbred mini foundation, micro-sib (as it turned out, the original representatives of much larger). Newborn piglet sibling weighs only 450-750 grams, and when vyrostaet, it has a live weight that waver in areas of 25-35 kg. For example, most small American representatives mini pigov in the annual age weigh 37 to 45 kg, which clearly exceeds the rate of adult mini, micro-sibling.

Representatives of this species look very original, and despite their miniature external characteristics, pigs are smart enough developing intensively, sociable. In addition, the pigs feel good in the role of domestic animal. They are easy to train, teach and tame instruction set. Such factors make pigs deserve to be pets that also need affection and attention of the owner.

If we consider the original purpose excretion represented species, it becomes clear that pets and do not create in order to raise and play with them at home. In fact, the main purpose of the invention, the mini, micro-sibling will further population, biotech, academic and methodological research methods. pets are also bred for the future improvement of microsurgical devices, by the way, in medicine takes a breed of high standard. With mini representatives also created instruments xenotransplantation, as well as pediatric surgery and other medical projections.

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