Andalusian horse

Photos, description of the Spanish Andalusian horse breed, characteristics, breeding

Photos, description of the Spanish Andalusian horse breed, characteristics, breeding

Andalusian breed of horses is divided into two categories. Prior to the first category includes pupils who have more power, their limbs powerful than standard riding representatives. The other category is characterized by neat lines, a graceful structure of the body. During the Renaissance it was this kind can often be seen in the performance of the artists who emphasized their curvaceous, hook-nosed profile.

These horses are very unusual and elegant. Consider their exterior characteristics in more detail. The head portion is sufficiently long, the head end differs little snore. The eyes are very large, because of what seems to be an expressive look. Lush, beautiful mane, such as silky as the tail region. Ears are small. The shoulder area of ​​relief, as well as the dorsal part. Supply of low tail. The neck is elongated, high delivery, a little extended. The crest is well developed. Middle-sized head. Hook-nosed profile.

The main feature of the breed is their exotic appearance, which is accompanied by a lush bangs, which falls on the frontal area. Limbs horses are short and dry but harmonious look to the body as stress neat and tidy trunk, also different animal hooves strong and tall.

Andalusian horses in the past have an incredible history. Once more they went on parade, they took with them in fighting the bravest knights and conquer new territory. The famous New World Conquistadors conquered with the help of data pets, and every last Christian world knew anything about the representatives of the Spanish horses. For all the world of horse breeding, the Andalusians have become real helpers who devoted an entire epoch. They are the original founders of horsemanship. Pets have been best friends and a nice El Cid Cortes, they traveled luminaries, besides them often mentioned in historical novels. If someone from the British will be able to declare that he does not like horses, it will charge the full ignorance, because this will not be recognized in the social world of England, for it will be despised.

Let’s find out, on what peninsula bred Andalusian horse. The first horses were seen in the territories of the Spanish provincial town – Andalusia. It is this area has become the main reason for the name of the breed. Ancestor species were Iberian representatives of Spain and Portugal. Sixty years before entry into force of the law is not to confuse with each other and Luzitanian Andalusian horses. At the moment, the Spaniards gave the name of pets «Pura Raca Espanola» was adopted by them to conduct their own stud book. Other countries, which also presented bred breed, pets called Andalusian. Horses bred in Portugal, were called Luzitanian, a title it was given by the Portuguese title in ancient Roman times – Lusitania.

Presented horse owners describe as a kind, loving, having a calm disposition and a high level of intelligence. Pets are energetic and like to work, to the same perfectly amenable to training.

Over the lifetime of the pets we have been successful in a variety of riding and dressage. The genetics of the animals proved inhesion thoroughbred and Anglo-Arabian horses, Andalusians making great leaps. Also animals can often be seen at the circus arena.

Learn horses simply because they have excellent movements. The course they have a high, when the trot forelimbs without problems may rise to the level of the chest, when they all pupils doing a movement with a minimum capture space, they ride seems magnificent dance.

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