Bagot goats breed

Photos, description Bagot goat breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Bagot goat breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

About breed goats Bagot There are two stories of origin, and in this article we will examine both. First, let’s talk about the main factors of the breed. To begin with, what type of pet to the park include the rocks. From historical sources we know about the interesting history of how the second half of the 20th century (about 1957) Bagot (Eng. Bagot goats) were considered almost extinct species. In the UK, the breed is one of the oldest breeds. The initial stages of the development of species originate approximately in 1381, which date is clearly documented in the historical facts about the breed. There are some facts and assumptions that the founders were representatives of goats bagod shvartshal (schwarzhal), who lived in the territories of the Rhone Valley. Part of the story spread pets tells how at the beginning of the animals were imported into England by the Crusaders that came back to his homeland. Then they spread in the royal forest bliezfild (blithfield) or eybots park (babots), where they popualizirovalis like a good hunting prey in periods of a king or other noble individuals. There, as the story goes, pets lived more than 600 years, where they live feral. In the territories of Great Britain during the time of 1998-2000, there were quite a lot of representatives of Bagot.

In modern pets are not endowed with great popularity and prevalence, as with the objectives of milk or meat production animals are not used. One of the other versions of the newly-described species also from Great Britain, which, according to certain facts, divorced for distribution at the park or posadkovyh areas, there a variety of recognized park. Created Bagot representatives were on the genetic basis of a variety of Swiss goats.

For its own conformation data goat possess the following characteristics: a medium-sized neck and head is painted black shades, and other parts of the body have a perfectly-comorbid snow-white color of the coat. Hairs abundant, lush. Currently in the world there are 8 farms, which are engaged in breeding and distribution of animals in any country.

Representatives Bagot goat breed used in forest holdings territories, their own estates or commercial farms.

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