Benadir, goat breed

Photos, description goats breed Benadir, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description goats breed Benadir, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

The breed goats Benadir (Eng. Benadirs) for many versions have been called “benadirs”, but other than that name have pets, there are also other names are known all over the world in different ways. For example, Bimal (bimal), Cherry (cherre) or Tuni (tuni). Goats breed presented above can be seen in the territorial areas of Somalia, the Sudan, Egypt. Pets are indigenous types of diversity. In addition to distributing pets to the already described areas, there are also other places where goats presented species distributed small quantities and in small areas, such localities include part of India, Syria, Iraq, and North Africa (rarely in the category can be attributed to the western territory Mediterranean parts).

For its own conformation these pets have the following characteristics: a thick, oily skin; sufficiently large, round body; large, round head pryamoprofilnaya, which often accurately placed small, hornless, parallel horns; ears are different from other species – large, sometimes reaching up to 18-20 cm, iz-za large in size and length, they sink down under its own weight and still resemble the form of droplets, whose curled to the top of the tips (the same species found in the ears zaraibi (zaraibi) Egyptian and Nubian Sudan. Externally, the goats have a beautiful woolen cover all parts of the white colors, with transfusions of dark gray or red unusual spots. Each strand of wool is quite long, rough, and the whole picture together the coat is smooth and silky.

The main goal, which provided for the breeding species are taken kozovody – milk production. Compared with many other representatives of the goat species, milk production in pets is at the highest level, taking into account the good quality of the dairy product. In today’s world, the most popular breed is represented in the Indian territories. Some Somali kozovody also practiced the breeding species, especially in the northern parts of the Friendship of the river.

In the view of many scientists that investigated the Benadir, the first representative of the breed was born precisely in one of the Indian regions, there is a possibility that in the West Indies, or Iran is the primitive nucleus of the genetic reserve. Then the goat Benadir launched its own migration and moved to Syria, and then the western part of the land of Egypt. Recent studies have begun to figure out where the rocks appeared the basic foundation, and, as the results showed, the representatives of Benadir took their own genetic basis to their ancestors – vintogorskoy species of goats. About ancestors-founders know quite little information, it is known that pets were once rampant in ancient India, Libya and continue moving to the west. Despite the fact that pets are examined as potential milk producers, the representatives of the Benadir have excellent taste of meat, which is also an important factor.

As shown, the live weight of female representatives may be approximately 70-75 kg, and a representative of the male – 80-85 kg. Mom-Benadir only one calf at a time results in most cases. The average period during heavy lactation bring in intervals of 100 liters of milk, with a high taste receptors. Most breed representatives in Benadir own household – great fun. It’s all in excellent quality rocks in the shape of pets. Practically it is proven that animals are peaceful, the lack of aggression and minimal irritation. The owners of these goats can not fear for the health of pets, because variety is fairly strong immune system and a greater resistance to diseases of various types.

The special care the animals do not need, as well as unpretentious to the diet, the main task for the pupils – to benefit the owner, that the Benadir doing great.

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