Dales, breed description horses pony

Photos, description breed horses Dales, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed horses Dales, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

The origin of the breed of horses Pony Dales takes a proper start to the Great Britain territory. Inside pony breeds differ by a variety of colors, and they are inherent: bay, gray and raven-colored woolen covers. The average pet’s height at the withers ranges from 135 cm to 145 cm. Use of animals in several ways, but mainly for rural chores, they also do well with a sled, pack or saddle.

The present title of the kind received by Deylz, that’s called one of the most unusual valleys on the eastern slopes of the Pieniny mountain areas, because that is where there was the first representative of the Dales breed. Even in prehistoric times (about 120 BC), the Roman legionnaires brought the frieze, so in the rock Dales have the opportunity to follow some of his genetic matching. In addition, in the blood provided by the blood of a variety of Celtic and Galloway miniature horses, which, unfortunately, to the modern times have not survived and actually considered completely extinct species. In the initial stages of breeding ponies called Dales gall, and their distribution was more wild than domesticated. Step self-wild habitat was like a test for a future life, although this step is the most difficult. If animals could survive, that was subject only truly powerful pets, they were used to as pack ponies. In addition, representatives of the most powerful held for reproductive properties, often carried out reproduction using breeding methods. The final results of the new generation of rock Dales were excellent: extremely powerful design torsos; high ability in endurance; excellent characteristic disposition. Since the beginning of the 18th century and 19th century, some breeders made attempts to improve the level of the lynx. For this kind of crossed with narfolkami, kleydesdaltsami, Yorkshire roadsters, as well as Welsh kobami.

Currently, pets are quite popular and are used to work in the mines (especially in the territories of Allendale and Alston Moor), capable of carrying heavy loads (such as metal for the mystery of river ports, and it is known that the area is full of it steep mountain roads). Also good pony riding, best suited for children. In addition, representatives of the Dales is described as faithful helpers in the agricultural concerns, because they are able to quickly adapt to rural life.

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