Mini piggies, character

Description Home mini-pigs which character in miniature pigs

Description Home mini-pigs which character in miniature pigs

Average statistical lifetime of miniature pigs is close to 12 years. The female mini pigov often differ from men’s. Basically, the differences are more solid constitution, higher growth and greater weight. The kids have a high level of intelligence, so easy to train and learn. If we compare the mini and standard size pigs pigs, you can see clean animals, the ability to quickly teach kids to walking the street (such as dogs) to the toilet.

To study the character of the little pigs – some fun. A special feature is the over-curious pigs. Living in a house or apartment, pets are bound to be aware of what is happening, they are easily able to open all the doors, move objects and examine the smallest corner of the room on a daily basis. On roaming pets express themselves perfectly. They are docile, very much attached to the property owner, which is why not depart far from the host. When it comes to roaming without a leash, it is also possible not to worry. Thanks to the good memory of pigs memorize all the routes and easily find their way home, but such situations are extremely rare, because the kids are constantly follow the owner, so almost never lost. Somehow, some have a bias towards small-pig, due to the fact that they are supposedly capable of producing loud noises and screaming as well as adults pigs. Such opinion is completely wrong. Sure, kids are able to emit a scream, this is not a silent fish, but they can scream of joy in situations where they are surprised or scared. When the pig simply invent their own things to do or play, they can quietly and funny grunting. These pets love affection. They are incredibly nice when they stroked, scratched behind the ear, tickle his tummy. Miniature pigs peaceful, it is important to keep in large companies, and they do not try to be the center of attention, but rather listen to others, and with the help of cute grunts express sympathy, approval or dissatisfaction, ie manifest themselves as true interlocutors.

Externally, pets come in a variety of colors: black, red, pale yellow, cream, tiger, speckled, and others. The apartments or houses they have both pets that do not differ from cats or dogs only considered exotic. Decorative content is only possible with a spacious room conditions. Sometimes intelligent pigs ability to outperform the dog, so the mini-train pigs fulfill every command simply. In addition to training, mumps quickly become accustomed to going to the toilet, and the unpleasant odor you should not worry, because the kids cleanly. Despite the increased energetic and playful pet, pig still considered to be prone to obesity, which is why it is recommended to walk their pets.

How many would not have been conflicting phrases about the purity of miniature pigs, their true quality is not just proven cleanliness. Even when the content of pets on pig farms, you can watch as they defecate in a certain place, that they are equipped with a toilet. Especially popular domestic dwarf representatives know that accustom them to the tray possible in just a few days, sometimes a few hours. Total breeding did not come across owners who have suffered permanent cleaning up after the kids, because growing up, they become completely independent. Even in comparison with cats and dogs, which are subject to a certain smell, pigs do not have the smell at all (quite an important fact for those who struggle with allergies). Also cleanliness mini pigs depends on the conditions, so a model for the pigs is the owner directly. Sometimes unpleasant odor found in the urine of male pigs, but it disappears after castration.

The content of pigs the main rule: moderate diet. Ferrets in any case can not overfeed, as they are prone to obesity. A legitimate diet and then the kids can play continuously, be agile and energetic. It is recommended to leave them frolic in the fresh air, if given an opportunity. Mumps are characterized as good, cute creatures that can quickly be attached to the breadwinner. If pets played out, then watch them pleasure.

Without good reasons animals are not emit unnecessary sounds, although their rather large range. Over time, the owner gets used to a variety of grunting, squealing and puffing or easily distinguish all that pig is trying to convey.

Share the same roof since some pets to pigs is not a problem. Especially well they get along with dogs. Breeding other pets persistently recommended, because the mini-piggies need constant communication and alone they are sad. When the owners are absent or miniature pigs all the time yearning, or they can create chaos in the room.

Although babies can often hurt or break something, it is impossible not to forgive them. It would seem impossible to breed similar creatures as pets, but the mini-pigs resist the charm is extremely difficult. It should all just take a baby in her arms, a little bit to play with him, look into those beautiful eyes and you’ll have exactly fascinated.

After many years of breeding processes, different varieties of miniature pigs were created. They differ in size, conformation data and characteristic manners. Major separation are in weight. The largest representatives weigh around 100 kg, the average weight – about 45 kg, and the most common mini-piggies have a live weight of between 15 kg.

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