Rabbits breed white giant, description

Big white rabbit breed giant photo and a description

Big white rabbit breed giant photo and a description

Rabbits breed giant white (see photo.) – A large rabbit meat with excellent properties and beautiful skins, established in Belgium. In 1927 they were brought to Germany, there was taken by the selection and the selection of the representatives of the breed of white flowers of Flanders, with the help of breeding pure breeds and crosses with chinchilla, gray giant, improved our experts on rabbit.

Rabbits are large enough and a huge mass – 5.1 kg, elongated body, the length of 59 – 60 cm, chest coverage of 37 – 39 cm, bones strong, though not broad, deep chest part, long legs, red eyes, thick hair, fluffy and shiny. Coat without white specks.

Rabbit are highly dairy produce per day 200 – 220 grams of milk, almost the same characteristics of milk gives Soviet Chinchilla breed. Rabbits are also grown as a broiler, 2 months young reaches 1.8 kg per household growing conditions. Since they have a lot of weight, and narrow body design, rabbit may not always be grown in enclosed areas, they often suffer from mastitis, dermatitis beneath. After 1 – 2 kindling high ratio of young rejection. Prolific rabbit, at a time bring 7 – 8 rabbits.

The skins used in its natural form, sometimes dyed in any color.

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