Rabbit breed black and brown

Black and brown rabbits, photo and description

Black and brown rabbits, photo and description

Rabbits breed black and brown large. The dark brown color associated with uneven coat color, black hair, the roots are not as saturated colors, in the beginning – blue-gray, then brown, yellowish-white and black at the tips. The tops of the hair black, to create a visual similarity veils, due to the fact that closely pressed and rise above the rest in peace. That makes this fur special. Since the hair bulbs are unevenly located, then on different parts of the body have a different color on the head, back – it is black, and on the sides – dark brown.

For the first time black and brown rabbit appeared in 1942 – 1984 years in the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic on the farm “Biryulinskaya” after crossing the white giant rabbit breeds, Flanders, Viennese blue. The selectors have tried to bring animal species with high quality meat, increased milk, ability to survive in the local climate and to have similar fur color from black foxes. After a difficult job with the selection and recruitment, breeding animals of the desired type and there are black-brown rabbits. As a separate species was approved in 1948, it was carried out in the future improvement of the productive qualities of the species.

Rabbits have an excellent body design, large muzzle, large ears a length of 18 cm, body volume, length 61 cm, elongated, deep chest, the coverage of the blades of 37 cm. The back is elongated, body, massive paws. Adults weigh between 5 to 7 kg. In rabbits weight 80 grams, if they are well fed it reached 3 months of age, weighing will be 2.7 – 2.8 kg. The maximum rise start at 4 – 5 months.

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