Milking doe how to improve

Milkiness in rabbits, a description of how to improve

Milkiness in rabbits, a description of how to improve

Rabbit can allocate in his body from 50 to 350 grams of milk a day, it depends on the continuity of health, nutrition, how many days passed lactation, and other reasons.

Rabbit milk yield and quality are the main conditions for a healthy rabbits, their growth. Good weather in the spring allows you to get enough milk rabbits, dairy, and may depend on the age and fertility. Rabbit who give birth is not the first time, as a rule, give enough milk.

rabbit breed has no small effect on the amount of milk. For example, a breed of “Soviet Chinchilla” compared to “white giant” more milk, and “California” have significantly more milk compared with “New Zealand”. The first two decades of the amount reaches 61% on day 45, 70% milk rabbits was observed. As for the period of feeding rabbit, here to 20 and 24 days the amount of milk increases and then gradually decreases. Initially rabbit daily produce about 125 grams of milk, the second – 175 g, and the third – 145 g, the fourth – 48 g.

And changing properties of milk protein therein as well as in the blood of the animal, it is rich in vitamins help grow young in the first days of life. After the birth of a baby – proteins in milk minerals increases. Thus, in the first ten days, the nutrients comprise 12.44% and 12.06, the second ten – 15.70 and 15.55%. Unlike the first days of phosphorus and calcium is increased by seven times, and means rabbit food lactation should be integrated and nourishing, rich in proteins and minerals.

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