Gray giant rabbits breed

Gray breed giant bunnies keeping, breeding, photo and description

Gray breed giant bunnies keeping, breeding, photo and description

The breed rabbits gray giant enough productive, has different colors, gray, dark gray, black, white. Representatives of the gray color have the same color hair, gray with a reddish tinge, belly and legs inside the white. The guard hairs have their own area with different colors, the roots are blue-gray, then follows the brownish-yellow, light yellow, and black top fur brown. The fur of the hair in three colors: blue-gray, brownish-yellow, dark red, they are perceived as the five color zones, at the roots of blue-gray, blue-yellow, dark red, light yellow, black, brown and black.

Breed brought in Poltava, Ukraine, State Farm “Peter” by draining the indigenous animals with a view of Flanders, in the end, the rabbits get more weight, large, viable, adapted to the climate, productive. Gray giant breed officially recognized as a separate breed in 1952. Animals have a big head, rough shape, the ears are large, thick, body volume, length 66 cm, chest coverage under the shoulder blades 37 – 39 cm, elongated back, broad, powerful legs, thick. Adults representatives rocks weigh between 5 to 7 kg, early maturing, high-quality meat and fur. Newborn rabbits weighing 81 grams, 2 months, with good nutrition and the contents weighed 1.5 kg, three – 2 kg, and four – 2.6 kg. If stick quality and adequate nutrition containing proteins on day 60 of life rabbits weighing 1.6 kg, to achieve 90 – 2.2 kg, respectively, at slaughter products in a percentage of 55 – 57%. Rabbit have a high milk yield, fertility, once bring 7 – 8 rabbits.

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