Breed mini pigs

Photos, description breeds mini pig with photos, characteristics, history clearance

Photos, description breeds mini pig with photos, characteristics, history clearance

The original breeding place rocks mini pigs considered Germany. In the middle of the 20th century (about 1950) to create the kids use small wild boars and Vietnamese representatives vislobryuhih pigs. Initially, certain standards have species was not, at the moment, many breeders are working in the area of ​​the bottom, trying to create as much as possible smaller pigs. The bottom line is that the tiny pig- the higher their price.

Small pigs are popular not only among domestic breeding, besides pet used in laboratory work, medical research. Therefore, many who believe their usual decorative animals, are mistaken, because the kids help in a variety of spheres of human life. In today’s world there are many varieties, so we present the average data at the withers. kids height not exceeding 70 cm in mature representatives and waver live weight of 150 kg.

Previously, those who bred mini pigs, set different goals. An interesting fact, they can be useful in terms of medicine. In the first place – the replacement of internal organs, as they are most similar to human. The second reason was breeding in productive processes. However, it took quite a long time and people have noticed that among ordinary pigs, kids have more features pets. After several decades of people fell in love with the kids and started breeding. To our time the developers managed to create about 30 different species, besides the representatives of each species differ in the inherent characteristics of height and weight. In this article we will focus on the six most common varieties of mini-pigs. The first three categories are called mini-pigs myayyalino, wiesenau and bergshtresser. Representations of the group are considered true rock mini pigs, as their weight class is limited to 25-mi kilograms. The other three species have titles: Gottingen mini-Pig, Vietnamese Pigs vislobryuhaya and Siberian mini-pig, but the latter has a more massive dimensions of the exterior. These rocks are different in their own ways. They have different colors the coat, like the character, conformation data, views, and so on, but one feature is found only among representatives of miniature animals, that they all have in common – boundless energy and playfulness, peacefulness, humility, obedience, and the high intellectual quality. To the future owner could quickly decide the future of a pet, you must first understand how it differ from each other toddlers. See only the external data is useless, because just like people, differ little pigs, each in its own unusual. Sometimes two absolutely identical in appearance mini pig have very different characteristics, although the weight class, growth rates, and exterior are the same.

Before purchasing often wonder whether it would be the best option to buy a dog or cat, and actually what exactly the advantages of mini-pigs, if they exist at all. Numerous experiments have shown that these intellectual abilities of animals is much higher than others. A similar fact puts many into a stupor as pigs can be in the same bracket with dolphins or monkeys, but research scientists have repeatedly proved and proved so far superior mind mini pigs. Pets clearly know and understand each action, and their higher consciousness conscious action dogs or cats. Compared with dogs mini piggies able in a short time interval to examine more commands. The main thing for miniature pets – the right encouragement, then the animals will try to do everything possible and impossible. There are standard commands like “sit”, “place”, “down”, “no”, “me”, who are pupils at one breath, can not be said about dogs. Before training or learning enough to mini-piggies were confident about the presence of some goodies from the owner. Proper promotion – the key to success in teaching kids.

Among the kids also found a practical feature – hypoallergenic. Everyone has a friend or acquaintance who love pets, but they are not able to plant due to allergies. With mini pigs simple: no fur – no allergic reactions. All the wool cover is not abundant bristles that do not shed. Compared to cats or dogs, pigs easier to plant allergies. With the maturation of the bristles may die off, so you must periodically comb out the kids specially designed brush, so as not to damage the skin layer structure, it is best to do it while swimming.

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