Diseases of rabbits, their symptoms and treatment

What diseases and diseases in rabbits, description, a method of treating the symptoms

What diseases and diseases in rabbits, description, a method of treating the symptoms

Rabbits can hurt different viral diseases, including common are:

Wet muzzle – a disease of the rabbit may pick up due to poor nutrition, animal patient in the company of mucosal lesions occur, strong salivation. Treat rabbits need streptotsidom or baking soda diluted in warm water.

Coccidiosis presents himself pests that enter the intestine and liver, and their larvae are excreted in the feces. In the future, eating food that is contaminated droppings, and infected rabbits. If you observe them, you will notice that they have lost the appetite, they will lose weight, bellies swell to begin diarrhea, hair lacks shine, ruffled. There may even be complications such as animal limb paralysis and convulsion. To further disease did not spread, you must carefully clean the cage every day, clean labels away from the kids. Rabbits should keep in cells with a bottom made of lattice. Not bad if you will be able to handle the cell periodically blowtorch and feeders parboil. As prevention of disease of rabbits can be fed so that 1 liter of water drip 40 drops of 10% tincture of iodine. Rabbits, starting at 30 days of age by ¼ cup give 0.1% solution, and 45 days – half a glass of 0.2%. Mixtures made just before serving and add to the drinkers.

Mastitis – a seal to further inflammation of the mammary glands of rabbits. It can start in females after parturition. If the time to find out you need to be injected under the skin of penicillin.

When the ear scabies in animals on the inner side of the eye sores appear. If not treated in time, then you will begin to form abscesses and cause itch mites. When the first symptoms, ears smeared with a mixture of kerosene, sunflower oil (turpentine) in equal parts.

Ringworm can be distinguished by the characteristic bald patches on the nose, lower lip, ears and parts of the animal’s body. For the treatment need several days to lubricate the affected places of iodine tincture.

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