Listeriosis in rabbits symptoms

Listeriosis in rabbits, control measures, prevention, description

Listeriosis in rabbits, control measures, prevention, description

Listeriosis is a bacterium, the disease affects not only rabbits, but other species and even people. Listeria’s disease can appear at any time of the year. In rabbits, the disease is mainly exposed pregnant female rabbits. Patients infected with other neighbors by an infection that spreads in the nose secretions, urine, feces, rodents infected with the microbe food, water, bedding other animals.

The disease can take place in such forms as, very sharp, just acute, subacute, chronic and finally – atypical. In the rabbit during hyperacute disease die at the moment of birth, although the external signs of the disease are not observed. In acute during pregnancy rabbit suddenly loses its offspring, but not all, but only part. If you feel the female, the remaining embryos can be felt. After a miscarriage is not eating, losing weight, hair tousled, comes from the vagina brownish liquid, it suffers from two to four days and then the rabbit dies. Subacute and chronic disease although it is not accompanied by a miscarriage, but the uterus is greatly inflamed, fruits and decompose dying. Rabbit die at 10 – 15 day, sometimes after a few months. Atypical form is characterized by the complete abortion of female rabbits, or give birth to non-living, and if rabbits are born, you still die, having lived a week.

Prevention of the disease in rabbits listeriosis is that of the animals that were sick and ill only those that are placed separately from the others and deaden, then burnt. Skins bolevshih rabbits disinfect with the cage and the objects in it.

Looking after small animals must adhere to cleanliness in the cells. Strict quarantine removed after a couple of months after the elimination of the disease and disinfection. As a preventive vaccine use “Auf”, it should be administered intramuscularly once 10 billion microbial bodies, if twice a day, then 4 billion and 6 billion immunity in an animal appears on the 3 – 5 days and is valid for six months.

Treatment of the disease listeriosis in rabbits is found.

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