Myxomatosis in rabbits treated at home

Myxomatosis in rabbits, symptoms, signs, photos and descriptions

Myxomatosis in rabbits, symptoms, signs, photos and descriptions

Myxomatosis – a viral disease in rabbits, they suffer from a wild species, as well as domestic. Infect animals by mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other insects, birds, and even the man himself. Even infected grain can be the cause of the disease of rabbits. Most often suffer from rabbits in summer and autumn.

Hidden myxomatosis stage lasts from 2 to 20 days. The virus is both classical and nodular form. In the first form, there conjunctivitis, swollen eyelids, eye derives from the pus, the same selection appears in the nose. Swelling covers areas on the head, chest, back. The disease usually ends after lethal outcome rabbit 4 – 10 days. Individuals with a strong immunity can recover, but they remain carriers of the virus. Nodular form is easier earlier. The animals in the back, ears, head and eyelids appear nodules, they are 10 – 14 day die. The animals recover from disease, areas of necrosis are tightened after a few weeks. Having found the first signs of the disease, the veterinarian must inform the district veterinarian. The vaccine should be administered with 45 day rabbit age and older.

Treatment as such by myxomatosis disease has not developed.

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