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Photos, Tamworth pig breed description, characteristics for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, Tamworth pig breed description, characteristics for home breeding and maintenance

Representatives of the species breed Tamworth pigs are bacon direction. Different this breed that pigs were for a long time, so are some of the oldest in the world. The original species of the country is considered to play England. It was there that the first baby was born Tamworth. Pets have a special endurance, great feel in harsh weather conditions. This characteristic has led to the breeding of animals in the northern regions, due to the fact that Tamworth are perfectly adapted to the low temperatures, wind and precipitation. The advantages of the breed is also directed their friendliness and peacefulness, which is why pets often have with other animals, even horned representatives. Besides that Tamworth they live together and get along well with other pets, with the people around them, the pigs are very sociable and behave calmly enough. The prevailing species in their omnivorous. At this time you do not often see a pig that can eat absolutely everything and at the same time bring great benefits. So, it presented a kind of is just that. All kinds of feed mixtures are well suited for the rapid development and growth of Tamworth. What is surprising fact, it is the fact that the feed for cattle (cattle) is also easily perceive animals. The main category of areas where introduced species of enjoying the highest popularity, are the regions of England, Australia, USA, New Zealand. Although, in our part of the breeding species represented quite profitably, raising pigs is not as common.

Consider the exterior features of the species. It is known that animals have a strong constitution and relief, as well as well-developed skeletal system. pets torso has a pronounced musculature, body fairly narrow and slightly elongated, the average length of animal carcasses is about 90-150 cm. The head of the pigs of long, large, sharp and erect ears. Head smoothly into a long and wide neck. Pets are powerful and strong legs.

Looks animals indicate their relation to the variegated colors. All medium-sized trunk, evenly and generously covered with a thin and silky beard. During the summer, starting in June and ending August, pets are starting to fade. At this time of year Tamworth have a variety of shades of the coat. Colours pigs begin to fluctuate from light orange to dark brown or purple tones. Especially with rare Tamworth representatives considered that they have completely white color of the coat, but on the dorsal part of it can be seen black spots.

A limited variety of colors have given some suggestions related to the original origin of species, as well as their main descendants. Surprisingly, the pupils were compared with different types of wild boar, which has been implicated in the basic genetic stock of pigs. For presumptive species treated boars breed from China, India, Barbados, as well as the West African territories. The final results of all the versions were incorrect, but the real relationship found in Britain. Indeed, Tamworth pigs are descended from varieties Staffordshire British representatives. As it turned out, the blood descendant of the British no impurities with Asian or all sorts of exotic species about which scientists are repeated n initial research stages.

We presented species has qualities that distinguishes pigs from other breeds. One of them – it’s pronounced motherhood. On average, for every adult sow can lead from five to eleven children. It is known that their maternal instincts will not allow them to treat bad kids so mom-pig feed in every way and follow their own descendants. This focus is good for life and further development of the young. At the age of 6-9 months (180-270 days), the young pupils have a body weight of 90-110 kg. Meat performance represented breed at a high level. The carcass does not have a large amount of fat, meat product contrary pets considered lean. Especially popular are the bacon and ham, which have excellent flavor characteristics. Most animal products want to see more oily, so Tamworth by reproductive crossing connected with the breed Berkshire or those species that also belong to the commercial type.

Especially the high popularity of pigs represented varieties reached in the first half of the 20th century (1950), but unfortunately, in popularity in 1973 remained almost invisible. To date unknown fact, there were a breed today. Almost all kind of forgotten in the second half of the 20th century, it was revived after a random event. One day, several pets escaped in England. Then red spotted pigs representative of the British media, which has led to the revival of pets. Special funds have been allocated to the process of renewal of the animals. That such an accident was a real lifeline in those days for Tamworth.

On the territory of our country pets not have a high popularity, so the purchase as easy to meet the variety in our regions is virtually impossible. This preference given to representatives of countries such as: England, USA, Canada and Australia.

Animals Tamworth pigs are good and profitable. Let’s compare their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of pets include the fact that they can easily tolerate the cold and low temperatures behave safely on the open pastures. In order to obtain high quality results in the final meat product does not need to apply much effort. The fact that pigs get all the necessary for growth and development of matter from ordinary feed mixtures, even feed that are intended for large horned cattle (cattle). Besides the good qualities, the breed has a particularly bad and even though they are not so much. The first disadvantage is the minimum reduction pups in one litter. Indeed, a variety of multiple pregnancy is different, but this is easily covered by the fact that the mother is well Tamworth monitor their own kids. It is also common in animals curly hair, which is considered quite a big disadvantage for the representatives of the breed.

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