Breed pigs Hampshire

Photos, description Hampshire pig, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Hampshire English breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Presented pig breed Hampshire has meat, bacon and more precisely, the direction. In fact, the pig species Hampshire (Hampshire Pigs) are naystareyshey breed pigs on US and British territories. The very same name of the breed speaks about their relationship with the county of Hampshire. Indeed, the original species were descended from Hampshire pigs that lived in ancient times s bestial yards Hampshire County. Later, in the first half of the 19th century (about 1825), pets brought settlers to one of the multiple regions of the Americas, namely – in Kentucky. In the new area pets crossed reproductive method with the rocks that had dark suits, who used quite popular in the States. As a result of the described crossing a new generation of pigs has been created that has an original black color, and in the areas of the legs and the front legs could be seen quite big and wide, white stripes. Presented animals also possess special characteristics of conformation. So, pets strong and elongated torso, legs raised, which ends right hooves. Pigs quite easy, a small straight nose, with a fairly low and erect ears. Provided the original breed and the specific color of the body. Although pets are considered strong and resistant to various conditions, stress animals is not high, so actually Hampshire pigs can not tolerate stressful situations. Although presented a variety of meat and has good qualities as a productive and profitable breed, experienced breeders do not consider Hampshire. It also has a certain reason. The fact that pigs are not productive, so their main role is to create new hybrids, with the result that the crossing should have more meat productivity. That is, the Hampshire is considered only as an effect during reproductive crossing processes. Now represented a kind used for the manufacture of a new offspring that was originally created for sale.

Adult representative of the masculine (boar) can weigh about 290-320 kg, a spokeswoman for mature feminine (the sow) weighs about 190-260 kg. In comparison with other species of meat, Hampshire representatives have a high percentage of fertility. It is known that in the litter sow leads kids 5-10, and often the number of newborn babies is around 12-14. In addition, Hampshire mother have good maternal traits. So, sow brings up absolutely all kids who are willing to give all that they need. This fact affects the intensive growth and development of young animals. Therefore, in a litter survive all the kids, and at the age of 7-9 months, the growth of pupils increased significantly.

From personal shortcomings Hampshire only excitable pets. The fact is that any unnecessary action or when something goes wrong, as usual, frightening animals. Spreading Hampshire representatives, it is necessary in view of their weak stress resistance. But this disadvantage can be hidden under a variety of benefits. Animals are resistant to diseases, a strong immune system and special endurance. In addition, the animals quickly acclimated and adapted, which gives them the opportunity to quietly graze on the pastures.

As previously mentioned, a variety of Hampshire is the bacon type, which means that their carcasses have meat qualities with a light layer of greasy foods. If you follow all the rules and conditions of supply of pigs, their weight average daily gain of about 800-1000 grams.

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