Yaroslavl cattle breed characteristics

Yaroslavl cattle breed characteristics, photos and descriptions

Yaroslavl cattle breed characteristics, photos and descriptions

Yaroslavl cows are the most dairy cows breeds in Russia and Ukraine. At one time, to bring the Yaroslavl breed cow crossed with these breeds of bulls, like the Dutch, Swedish and holmogorskoj, but these cases were single, and they have not affected the appearance of the animal.

Yaroslavl cattle breed has a black skin color in the area of ​​scalp white patches around the eyes, from the outside it looks like a cow dressed “glasses”. Also, white spots occur in the abdominal region, in the lower parts of the legs and tail. The adult animal weighs 550 kg. A newborn calf weighs more than 32 kg, but in six months it becomes weight of 160-170 kg.

Yaroslavl cow is characterized by such external features as a wide body and narrow head, a thin and low legs, udder narrow, long neck with a thin skin and small folds, poorly developed muscles and belly big with wide ribs.

As mentioned above, cows dairy breed is considered, the percentage of fat in milk is 4.5%, even in a time when the cow calves, the fat content of milk remains the same. With one to milk cows can be 3500 to 6000 kg of milk. These rocks are also found in meat cows.

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