Specials breed rabbits for breeding home

The most favorable for breeding rabbits at home, profitable or not?

The most favorable for breeding rabbits at home, profitable or not? Photos and descriptions

Rabbits breed a better contain? This is often of concern to many breeders. The author decided not to convince readers to buy this or that breed animals. He decided just to sound more accurate data by reading them, the breeder will know the best breed rabbits for a home business, unless of course, wants to make a profit rabbits.

medium sized rabbits eat more food than large breeds and rabbit medium-large, fertilized with 126 days from the time of mating, and large – on the 180th, which means the last food consumed is greater than the first. Likewise is the case with males. As follows from the above, the breeder rabbits contain more favorable medium-large breed, weighing up to five kilograms. Such animals are on hold weight standards are spending a smaller amount of feed per 1 kg of gain, all the food goes to the formation of meat. When compared with the breeding of domestic rabbits weighing 4 kg and 7, the content in rabbit 7 kg almost gone several times more feed than rabbits weighing 4 kg. If rabbits consume the same amount of food, as a result, will, one that weighs more than the beginning, of his flesh will turn out a little, he simply retain their mass, and the one that weighed 4 kg, it is one half of the daily feed will be spend on maintenance of weight, and second, for the products. Consequently, effective include rabbits weighing 4.7 to 5.2 kg.

Rabbits – albino, with white hair, get fat faster than other types, using, the same amount of feed.

At prolific rabbits weight initially smaller at birth and with 60 days of age, if properly care for them and enough to feed, catching rabbits little fetal groups, the first actively growing, and therefore consume less feed.

Rabbits, as you’ve probably figured out, it is better to leave out the number of multiple. When the animals grow, they consume a lot of food, which means that those individuals who are grown for meat, you need to kill the young, and before that in the will of the feed. Good nutrition rabbits allows you to type quickly the desired growth in the first ten weeks of life. The shorter period for gaining the necessary weight, the less you need to feed the rabbit. It is important to feed the rabbit first three weeks after the birth of rabbits, at this stage of their young lives height and weight depends on the mother’s milk. With 21 days until the absences growth depends on the milk and food that they eat. Pick up the rabbits should be fully fed and given enough water.

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