Rabbits breed chief, photos

Large German chief rabbit, photo, description, characteristics

Large German chief rabbit, photo, description, characteristics

Rabbits given breed a real godsend for farmers who specialize in meat and skin area. Pets are considered the largest in the world, so have a large percentage of the demand for meat as well as high-quality clothing. Rabbits are often used for other purposes, as well as an ornamental because they are quiet, persistent and cute animals. Chief Rabbits do not require special care (only the first month of life), they are not choosy with food, if their diet is made right, because they are quite sensitive to the wrong organization of their food. Their suit can be of different colors: blue, gray, steel color or dark colors, but in most cases they are gray and white. For short and thick fur of rabbits do not need a lot of care.

To breed is characterized by large breasts, smooth broad back, strong legs and a rounded bottom. They have a big head, which looks like the letter V stick large, fleshy ears and wide, long in the third part of their body. The live weight of females is 8-10 kg, and males – 9 -12 kg. Rabbits Chief sufficiently long (one meter) and rather big chest girth (up to half).

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