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Photos, description Livny Pig, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Livny Pig, characteristic for home breeding

Representatives Livny Pig were originally bred in the Orel region, which is on the territory of the Russian Federation. Reproduces this breed of pig farmers, some scientists Livenskom breeding nursery (LGPR), which, strictly speaking, came the name of the variety. Later, on the genetic basis of livenskih representatives, a team of specialists conducted a variety of selection and breeding work that gave rise to outbreeding late-breed that lived in those territories. Autbringa process conducted before 1917, and participated in the process of such breeds of pigs: Large White, Berkshire, the average white, Polish and Chinese.

For the inherent characteristics of the productive orientation, provided pets are meat and greasy, or as it is called, the universal type. Compared with many other different pet pig, the variety stands out own good qualities. By prevalence livenskih applies a high level of fitness as extreme climate conditions and a poorly composed diet. The main factor in the rapid acclimatization and adaptation to any conditions ceases fact that, despite the different situations, the animals still high productive qualities. The meat product animal popular flavor characteristics. Due to the above described data universal animals feel good in large pastures where the maximum amount of Cash Advance every feed as chaff or potatoes.

To isledovat the average performance data provided by species, they were involved 10 different males and 30 one by one unlike female representatives. In the first half of the 20th century (1949), when this breed of pigs received the status of an independent, production characteristics looked well enough, but showed no particular result. To stand such a species is now the pig made a long way. The final outcome of multiple dilutions “in itself”, still there were animals that had high levels of earliness, improved conformation traits, and, most importantly, increase the productivity of data. Upon receipt of an independent breed title, the scientists set about improving meat quality. To achieve the goal of positive results was involved selection method. So, Lievens representatives Bloodsurge Landrace breed. In modern times, the number of permanent changes presented variety is astounding. It is known that, in less than 70 years old, participated in genealogical processes about 20 varieties of boars and sows around 45 representatives.

As with the birth livestock came under harsh climates Russian territories that are well acclimatized. Especially well-suited for animal central regions of the Russian Federation. On the open pastures pigs behave quite calmly and peacefully. For livenskih pigs is not necessary that any diet was made up, because they are well fed with all sorts of substances, through what also digested nutrients. It provided food varieties are hybrids coarse feed, juicy fodder, particularly fond of pigs potatoes and cereals.

Consider some of the exterior characteristics that set them apart from other breeds. Animals have quite a long body, the length of which is between 150 and 180 cm. The Constitution pet pretty sturdy and solid. It is known that adult males (boars) has live weights of 300-320 kg, while the female representative (the sow) weighs about 230-250 kg. The girth of the chest at a mature boar waver in areas of 160-170 cm, and mature sows – 150-155 cm.

Externally pets medium size, rather short and broad head. The head part is different characteristic snub stigma. On the head and gently placed a thick and massive ears that hang down considerably. Well done field ganache, which have a special fleshy. The dorsal part of the convex, large and straight. The chest is deep and wide. The head part smoothly into the neck at the bottom of which you can often see a medium-sized “earrings.” Abdominal part a little loose and slack, thus creating the effect of obesity. Pigs inherent white base color, at least, there are black and white or orange and black colors. The skin of the variety is clearly expressed in the large folds of loose and abundantly covered with bristles.

Despite the fact that done a lot of work and a variety of changes to the Lievens animal breeders still managed to retain the original massive and powerful representatives of the constitution. It happened in the aftermath of a thorough and careful selection of the representatives of other pigs that have served as “overflow.” All animals that have minimal roughness parameters, intensive development and growth, as well as subtle and harmonic skeletal system welcomed for further breeding work.

Developers want to increase fertility and also variety livenskih that unfortunately yet did not succeed. But, rather, sow per litter bring a lot of kids. In light of the mother-pig born about ten and more piglets, which is a good result. Livenskih prevalence of mothers do not end there, because they are well able to take care of their own offspring. Milkiness represented species is about 50-90 kg. This factor ceases principal that kids are growing quite rapidly. During the period the parent fattening, piglets grow up to 700-900 grams per day. After weaning calves from the mother, their live weight gain becomes more than one kilogram. The required amount of feed units per kilogram of body weight is about 4.2-4.8.

Lievens representatives popular in certain circles of their own high-quality products. Their meat and tallow products are high quality and has good taste characteristics.

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