Breit breed pigs

Photos, description Breit breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Breit breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding

The main productive characteristics suggest the universal or meat and greasy direction species. For representatives of the Breit breed pigs characterized by high multiple pregnancy figures, great maturity, a strong constitution, and externally pets have sufficiently large dimensions. For example, adult males weigh about 300-340 kg, and mature the female has a weight of 210 to 250 kg.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the breed. Breit pigs have: a big relief and housing; trunk pets pretty long, sows about 130-160 cm and boars – 160-175 cm; a medium-sized head, but clearly visible bend in the profile, but does not look like mopsovidny; at the head of the neatly placed sufficiently long ears, because of their size, hanging down over his eyes; not very long, wide neck and relief; chest large and convex; dorsal and lumbar parts of different muscularity; sacrum area significantly deflated; well developed part of the debarking; end badly delivered, it is not very long and straight. Externally, pets can be easily distinguished by the coloring of the wool. The colors are mainly white shades, rarer representatives bristle with pigmented cover. All trunk abundantly covered with soft bristles. In animals rather dense skin (rare with the presence of folds).

Initially Breit breed occupied ranks of the most productive of the best pigs and a high level of production. For a time my mother-pig can give birth to 12-14 piglets at once, and for the year sow brings kids twice, which is rare for pigs. Such prolific quality persist for five or six years. Based on the results of such a large, species record it was registered. Record holder became a sow named Rose-56, which for the first nine years of his life has been able to give birth to sixteen times, and with your own maternal qualities brought up about 205 young. Agree, such a record is a rarity for a variety of species of pigs. Dairy quality pets range from 60 to 75 kg. Practice has shown that members of the Breit varieties have a calm temperament, excellent immune system, resistance to various diseases, good resilience, quick acclimatization and adaptation, particularly well suited for animal content on low temperature performance areas.

If you follow all the necessary guidance and nutrition content of pupils presented species already in the approximate age of 190-200 days, the animals weigh about 90-110 kg. The average rate of weight gain per day becomes about 670-690 grams. Fat on the seventh and eighth thoracic vertebra is thick enough – 35-38 mm, the total area of ​​”eye muscle” is about 29 centimeters squared. Breit pigs have become popular due to its own high quality meat products. It is known that representatives of the meat of this breed has a gentle marbling looks saturated, and the main positive and rare feature – a large amount of protein. With regard to greasy products, the greasy animal product also has a beautiful white color and an unusual taste.

Breeding pigs Breit started at the Yaroslavl region territories. We created the first representatives of this species by a complex of productive mating. In the process of involvement of local pigs, Danish Landrace, Large White pigs, the average white variety. Initially, the most popular pets gathered in the north-western regions of the Russian Federation (the Volga and Ural regions). Conclusion pets be based on a specific feed. Basically, the diet was dominated by bulky feed additives with mostly potatoes, chaff, legume hay, as well as to address.

Introduced species of Breit has many advantages. In comparison with other species pigs have a high productivity. Women representatives of the breed led 10-12 piglets at a time, which is extremely rare, and the kids are born from the same sow almost double in one year. Pets are always stable in stressful situations, have a calm temperament, excellent immune system, hardy and different vitality. One of the best qualities of the Breit pigs is considered rapid adaptation and acclimatization. animals are often taken to raise to the cold climate areas, because pets really are very hardy and adapt well to virtually any conditions of life.

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