Gorky breed of sheep

Characteristic breeding at home, Gorky sheep, photos, description

Characteristic breeding at home, Gorky sheep, photos, description

Gorky sheep bred in the post Soviet space in the middle of the last century. Local farmers have crossed the English Hampshire breed with the old and well-known at the time of the local breed of sheep for meat and wool production.

A small breed with rounded fleshy torso, limbs and small heads. Sheep Color white, dark from birth are only the limbs, face and ears. Wool special subtlety does not differ, on average, 55-60% quality, no longer than 10 cm. With adult Gorky breed can get up to 6 kg of wool, which get 50-65% pure.

Adult sheep can reach 75 cm at the withers and weigh about 130 kg, a sheep can weigh a maximum 80 kg with height of 70 cm. The young lambs are born with a weight of 3-5 kg, depending on the sex and number of newborn lambs. Maternal milk has a number of nutrients and has a high fat content, and the last lactation period of 120 days. Thanks to these figures, little lamb is rapidly gaining weight (up to 220 grams per day) and developed, and by the age of 4 months are oh weight 20-30 kg. Souse sheep once a year and may lead 1-2 lamb, then can produce up to 160 liters of milk for the entire lactation.

Gorky sheep prized for useful and tasty meat quality, which is good and fast growing. With an adult, you can get up to 55% of pure meat products.

The breed is bred in latitudes with temperate climate, so is resistant to the most adverse weather conditions and almost never sick.

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