Sheep Tsvartbles

Beautiful Tsvartbles breed sheep, photos, description, breeding in Russia and Ukraine

Beautiful Tsvartbles breed sheep, photos, description, breeding in Russia and Ukraine

Breed Dutch farmers have created in the last century by mating Schunebek breed sheep with Texel. So there is a new breed of meat and dairy Tsvartbles, which began to actively cultivate and outside the Netherlands.

Due to its type of sheep possess considerable proportions: rounded, big toe, long limbs and tail. Wool average fineness – 30 microns, a beautiful black color. Wool is highly valued due to its deep black color, only in the summer period in the young wool can be brown. Characterized as bright spots on the face and extremities. The muzzle and limbs covered with sparse hairs. The average length of wool – 10 cm, rather thick. With an adult, you can get up to 4 kg of wool, which turns out to 55% of the net.

Tsvartbles considered a tall breed, mature sheep can reach nearly 1 meter at the shoulder and weighing 120 kg, a sheep is much smaller – 80 cm in height and a maximum weight of 100 kg of the body. Newly born lambs weighing between 2.5 kg and 5 kg, depending on the number of lambs. Healthy sheep souse once a year and can result from 1 to 5 lambs. Most often born triplets, this option is the best, because lambing occurs without any complications. fertilization period falls on the beginning of spring.

The lactation period of sheep gives up to 350 liters of milk, which is considered quite a large indicator among other breeds of sheep. Tsvartbles refer also to the type of meat they are maturing and very lean. Meat appreciated its delicate flavor and a pleasant smell.

Severe weather conditions tempered breed Holland and made it strong and resistant to various weather events, whether it be rain or snow. A good immune system get along with mother’s milk, so rarely get sick.

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